This ex-military official has bad news for the Yellow army in case they do something stupid in Feb. 25 Edsa anniversary. Read!

In a Facebook post, an ex-military official revealed a silent movement going on among ex-military men preparing for war against the Yellow army.

Ex-Maj. Abe Purugganan, a prominent leader in the 1989 coup attempt against the Cory Aquino government took to Facebook to share an information that the Yellow army would definitely not be happy to hear.

According to Purungganan, “there is a silent movement going on among many ex-military men who until today disdain the Cory Aquino administration and EDSA ’86. They are not organized but on their own they are preparing for war against the yellow army. They are raring to go.”

He continued: “We must remember that only a small group of military men were in EDSA ’86. The majority of the AFP was loyal to the constitution. While they submitted themselves to the Cory government in 1986, they disliked her policies and programs. This was the reason for the military rebellion in those days.”

In case you are curious if ex-Major Purungganan is a member of RAM, this is what he has to say on the matter.

“I joined RAM after EDSA 86. I was with the First Scout Ranger Regiment under Mgen Felix Brawner who remained loyal to the constitution during that time. As a unit of the AFP, the First Scout Ranger Regiment maintained their loyalty to the constitution during those days.”

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