This female motorist thanks Pres. Duterte after experiencing a car breakdown in a dark and crime-infested area

Previously, the story of Davao cops subbing for the Jollibee delivery boy went viral. This time, four Metro Manila cops acting as roadside mechanics rescued a scared female motorist in a dark highway is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Amie De Jesus‎ shared her pleasant encounter with local policemen, whose bad reputation made her hesitate to seek their help initially.

But that pleasant encounter one night with the 4 policemen in a dark and crime-infested area from the Mobile Patrol Units and Aviation Security Group changed all that!

Amie’s encounter with the local police proves only one thing – not all police are crooks!

Likewise, Amie credited Pres. Duterte for inspiring our policemen to do their duties as stewards of the law and honoring the police creed, “to protect and to serve.”

Read the full text of Amie’s post below:

Just now, I had an interesting experience with the men in uniform. On my way home, I had car trouble which led me to seek help from one of the gas stations near Sucat road.

I was stuck along a dark notorious area, but I had no choice but to brave the streets and look for someone to help me troubleshoot the car.

A few minutes later, a mobile unit came and inquired about my plight. I was a little hesitant to respond mainly because of the bad reputation our men in uniform had incurred over the last decades.

But since I was helpless, I just prayed and obliged to the officers. Imagine the scene, me against 4 uniformed men, I mean what are the chances of me not getting to my destination on time.

I was not terrified, I was disheartened. Simply because I was afraid I would fall victim to them. But still, I mustered up my courage and talked to the officers.

As they asked me to pop the hood, they checked which part of the engine was flawed. Fortunately, my car just ran out of water, that’s why it overheated. Nah, I know some may say how women can be careless not to check the water gauge, but that is how preoccupied I was that I overlooked to check it. It took us a while before we let the car simmer down. They took out their water reserve and continuously poured it over the engine.

I was already embarrassed because I knew that they may be saving it as their drinking water. But still, they kept pouring it until the last drop was no more. Thereafter, one officer asked me to check the car if it would start, and ALLELUIA!

It did! I was overwhelmed that when I handed out a few bucks to their lead officer as a gratuity for their trouble, he refused the payment. In fact, they all refused. He even said that he would get mad at me and arrest me if I insisted that he took my money. I was not only amazed, I was actually humbled by their act of generosity.

Had I been so unfortunate, I would never know where I would be now. I am deeply indebted to these young valiant officers for saving my life. Yes, some may think “sheesh its just car trouble, why make a fus?”

Think of it this way, with so many ghastly stories you hear about the police, only rare moments do we see and experience this type of help from our officers. It could have gone worse, you know. To PSI SIMEON P TACAD JR, PO2 Jerry Esperanza, PO1 Alexis Cugana and PO1 Mark Don Alejandro who are assigned at the Mobile Patrol and Security Unit, Aviation Security Group, THANK YOU!

I know I cannot replace what you did for me but I have said prayers for you and your mobile unit that God and your guardian angels will always protect you and look out for you. To our beloved President Rodrigo Duterte, thank you for inspiring our officers. They are the stewards of the law and should honor the oath they have taken.

To their Commanding Officer PSUPT Ramil Marcial Rebollos, thank you for instilling faith in our officers. We need more men like these 4 gentlemen in the force. We are all living in one country and what we need badly right now is trust, confidence and the civility to live amongst each other so that peace may reign. Thank you Lord for showing me that there is still hope for our country. MABUHAY PO KAYO mga Sir. To God Be The Glory!!!

How about you? Do you have a pleasant encounter with your local police? You ay send it to us and and we know what to do.

Source: Amie de Jesus

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