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This former beauty queen and actress angers social media for “acting” like an ASEAN delegate after getting stuck in traffic?

Maria Isabel Lopez EDSA

Maria Isabel Lopez EDSA

EDSA traffic is horrendous, especially during the rush hours. Making the traffic even worse are extra-ordinary occasions like the ASEAN Summit the country is hosting.

Last night’s traffic in EDSA and in other parts of Metro Manila is no exception.

While many motorists cursed in silence as they are stuck in the middle of the dreaded and infamous Manila traffic, this veteran actress thinks she get away with anything including, what she just did last night, to escape from the Manila traffic.

Credits to DashCam Diaries Philippines for the screen grab photo.

Making her situation worse was, when she bragged about it on Instagram.

Maria Isabel Lopez writes on Instragram:

“beautyqueenmilDriving with hazards “on” at the #aseanlane 😃 I removed the divider cones !! Acted like an official delegate😅Then all the other motorists behind me followed! If you can’t beat ‘em, join them❤️! #nosticker #leadership #belikemaria #pasaway”

She also posted a video as proof of her exploit.

While some netizens, apparently her fans, reacted positively to Isabel’s post, just like netizen marilyn_villarruz.

“Gotta take matters into your own hands! Way to go, Bel! 🙃”

Netizens imyourasianhottie and lawrenceestrada weren’t as supportive as Marilyn above of Isabel’s as shown in the comments below.

“You proud kapa talaga teh?”be like maria”? ganun ka kabobo para ipagmalaki mo na traffic violator ka?”

“You just exposed how to easily breach the security and very simple protocol of Asean summit @beautyqueenmil You must be proud of yourself.

Meanwhile on Facebook, netizens are even contemptuous of Maria Isabel Lopez and boy did they express their anger at the actress with gusto!

Remwel Gebaune writes: “I braved that fckin traffic yesterday, ayala to Megamall, then back…it was a drivers nightmare….but i wasnt about to get stooopid and do this…this is an example of ellitist mentality…and playing with the dumb collonial memtality ng mga sabaw enforcers….since pag nahuli cya…ngiti lang, pakilalang beauty queen…abswelto na yan malamang….i almost wish she skid off the lane and totalled her car….one more stupid driver off the road – but im just sayin, not wishing it of her tho”

Netizen Steve Py says he wants the actress not to go unpunished like revoking her license. “She should be disciplined. She’s a public figure yet she brags of mistakes that she has done..This girl is stupid and idiot. Her drivers license should be cancelled.”

While Sheik Gomoc sees it differently. “at the very least, she just exposed how stupid and how easy it is to breach asean summit’s security”

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