This heartwarming photo of PRRD giving his watch to PMA cadet that mainstream media don’t want the public to see goes viral

You can’t blame the public, especially the DDS, from accusing mainstream media of being ‘biased’ because of their habit of reporting only the negative news about PRRD, the government and his family.

For example, when PRRD cracked his rape joke at the 2019 PMA graduation rites, the Philippine Star, Rappler, ABS-CBN and CNN Philippines chose to write an article about it, while ignoring the positive news about the President that also transpired while attending the said event.

Check out the screenshot below showing MSM’s having almost the same headline regarding PRRD’s r@pe joke cracked during the 2019 PMA graduation rites.

But thanks to our pro-Duterte social media bloggers like Noel Landero Sarifa for sharing this heartwarming gesture of PRRD towards a PMA cadet that mainstream media find not worthy to print or even share to their social media followers.

According to Sarifa’s FB post today, PRRD gave up his wrist watch to a lucky PMA cadet during the graduation rites, perhaps after PPRD spotted him not wearing a watch among his peers.

To the surprised of the PMA cadet and perhaps the onlookers who witnessed the occasion, the President did the unexpected – he assisted the PMA cadet in putting the watch around his wrist.

But Sarifa, a stauch PRRD supporter wasn’t surprised!

In 2018, Sarifa recalled PRRD also gave his watch to a soldier while visiting the troops at the height of the Marawi siege.

Mukhang nakita ni President Duterte na walang relo yong isang Kadete kanina kaya binigay nya mismo ang relo nya. Hindi lang inabot sya mismo nagsuot sa kadete. Gulat ka? Hindi na bago eto kasi binigay din ni President Duterte ang kanyang relo sa isang sundalo last Oct. 2018. Never have I seen such generous act from any President.

Where can we find such president with so much compassion for his soldier? No where else but here sa Pilipinas and yet some fail to appreciate that. DIKTADOR daw kasi sya at Bastos,un lang mahalaga sa kanila un lang ang gustong itatak nila sa isipan nila.


P.S. I also have mine not his personal watch but I love it, cause I am his soldier serving our country. 😍😍

Netizen Jay-r Campomanes Donceras said PRRD’s gesture is simply an illustration of PRRD’s love for the country by showing the image of a father helping a son wear his graduation gift.

There is no perfect father but a father will love you perfectly. And that is what Tatay Digong is doing, showing love for the country and shows an image of a father na sinusuotan ng regalong relo ang anak as graduation gift.

As of this writing, Noel Sarifa’s FB post has gathered 3,200 plus reactions, 1,400 plus shares and 260 comments.

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