This is a DASTARDLY LIE!!! – Prof. Clarita Carlos on ANC news clip quoting her “the camp of BBM sought advance questions”, before a debate

This is a DASTARDLY LIE!!!

This is the reaction of Political Science Professor Clarita Carlos who immediately took to Facebook to vehemently belie insinuation by ANC that Marcos nor any other presidential candidate for that matter asked for advance debate questions from her.

Carlos remarked that nothing stops a network from supporting a particular candidate but she advised them to change their legal personality from being a media entity to a PAC?

I google the acronym and WIKIPDIA says PAC is Political Action Committee. PAC is defined by Google as an organization that campaigns for particular political policies, and that gives money to political parties or candidates who support those policies. PAC is an abbreviation for political action committee.

Carlos appealed to ANC to act like human beings.

In the postscript, Carlos mentioned one candidate which the network noted kept on badgering them for advance questions and when the network refused, the said candidate eventually withdrew at the last minute from the debate.

You may now read Prof. Carlos FB post.

An FB friend posted in one of my walls, seeking clarification from me, in re some news where I was ostensibly quoted, cum my picture…

1. The newsclip, datelined ANC, quoted me that “the camp of BBM sought advance questions”, before a debate.

This is a DASTARDLY LIE!!!

2. If those interviews would be run, without compromising it, anyone, with even an IQ of 70, would see that there was ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF BBM NOR ANY CANDIDATE, IN MY INTERVIEWS, in regard to requesting for advance questions!!!!!

3. Nothing prevents you from supporting a particular candidate, but please change your legal personality to a PAC!!!

4. Sadly and ironically, you present yourselves as purveyors of unexpurgated news…MAGPAKATAO naman kayo! Utang na loob…


P.S. In the SMNI presidential debates held sometime last month, the network itself noted that one of the candidates kept on insisting to get advance questions, which the panel, where I belong, refuse to give. Failing to get advance questions, this candidate, reportedly, withdrew at the last minute… So, there!

Below is ANC interview.


Source: Facebook


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