This is beyond checks and balances — Lawyer on Senator Lacson’s accusation Duterte gov’t played favorites with Pharmally

A Manila Bulletin article about Senator Ping Lacson making innuendo the Duterte government played favorites with Pharmally, foreign company, when we have local manufacturers who can provide the local demand for medical supplies.

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However, if you read the FB post of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Luminous, the government was not playing favorite. She said that at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was looking for medical supplies like PPEs and the government was unable to find what they need locally until later in the year.

Everyone was looking for PPEs then sir. It was March 2020. Walang mabili sa local until later that year. Walang pinaboran. They got PPEs from where they could get them.

On second hard look, Atty. Trixie can’t help but accuse Senator Lacson of deliberately misleading the public. If her suspicion was true, Atty. Trixie said that would be terrible.

But we realize that maybe you are being DELIBERATELY misleading. And that’s terrible. This is beyond checks and balances. This is NOT rational criticism.

Atty. Trixie ended the brief FB post by calling a spade a spade.

This is AMBITION. Publicity for your campaign at the expense of public trust.

Netizens quickly jumped into the comment section to express their opinion on the matter.

This senators are making things complicated and misleading. They forgot that people now are more aware now of what’s happening. During those time Pres. Duterte and his cabinets are scrambling to look for PPE”s for the frontliners while these senators are in their house resting and sleeping. If you think that investigating and criticizing the government will give you votes, then you are all dreaming, wrote one netizen.

This is echoed by another netizen.

Yes the senators were the one who make everything confusing. Most of us were aware how difficult to procure PPE’s. So many doctors and nurses were either dead or serious the whole world is in dire need of PPE, these short minded senators drilon, gordon, lacson, hontivirus, binay were just onlookers. the more these senators open their mouth, the more i wish its election time so i can flush all of you in the toilet especially sotto, gordon, lacson and hontivirus.

Meanwhile, this netizen posed a hypothetical question to Senator Lacson.

If you were the president then Mr Lacson, given the urgency of the matter and not knowing what extent is the disaster bringing, when doctors, nurses, other medical workers and front liners were dying, between a devil who could supply life saving PPEs immediately and paid upon delivery and an angel that can deliver in two months with advance payments, who will you choose even if eventually you might go to jail?

Another irate netizen chided Senator Lacson for making innuendos. Your suspicions and innuendos are not compelling and therefore not worth of consideration as these are all senseless and full of personal benefit for your candidacy. Goods were delivered according to the terms of the bid documents and the bidding was in accordance with the legal procedure by the agencies concerned. Contract was deemed perfected and executed. So what is your problem sir? Get real, use your brain and be honest even just for yourself.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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