This is embarrassing! Senator Grace Poe gets free tip “how to judge a Boss” from Manila Bulletin writer after her epic fail remarks on DOTr Sec. Art Tugade

PH senators have millions of pesos at their disposal to hire the best people to help them with legislative work, run their offices and prepare statements on political issues.

But after Senator Grace Poe made the remark that DOTr Secretary Art Tugade was an under-performer, Duterte supporters and bloggers can’t help but ask if Poe was getting the best advice from her staffs.

In a Facebook post published at 16 September 2019, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu made a kind gesture by giving Senator Grace Poe’s staffs tip how to spot a Boss.

Perhaps, in the future, they will feed the senator with the correct information.

So without further adieu, I urge you to read the original article below to understand what I am trying to tell you.


I’ve been reading and hearing the testimonials of the people working for this government; working for the Secretaries of the Duterte Cabinet, and they are so quick to jump to defend their bosses. These are from career officials who’ve served many others from different administrations.

All I can say is, President Duterte and his Secretaries are the most loved and most defended by their people, the people who work day in and day out with them.

That’s how you look at a leader, look at the reverence, loyalty, and love accorded to them by their own workers.

Art Tugade’s people fight for him tooth and nail and quick to list his achievements. Meanwhile Grace Poe has taken a beating in social media and… NOTHING. Her own staff have left her hanging out to dry. No testimonials about how hard working she is, how loved, how brilliant.

Very telling.

Really. You want to know how good a leader or a boss is? Ask their underlings—after all it is quite easy to resent a disrespectful or lazy boss who demands from you something he can’t do himself, but it is easy to love and defend someone who brings out the best in you and motivates and empowers you.

Dear Grace Poe’s staff, it’s okay.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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