This is epic! Troll swats down Raissa Robles attempt to downplay Bilibid witnesses on Twitter

Recently, a journalist cum blogger affiliated with the Liberal Party attempted to downplay the witness testimony against de Lima with a tweet.

Journalist and blogger Raissa Robles posted her reaction to the testimony of one of the witnesses implicating Senator Leila de Lima’s bodyguard and lover to the Bilibid drug lords.

In her tweet, journalist Raissa Robles posed a question to the public that if indeed Ronnie Dayan goes in and out of the maximum security prison to collect money, shouldn’t his name come out in the visitor’s log?

A netizen named Krizette Laureta Chu stumbled upon Raissa Robles’ post and wasted no time in pulling the journalist down back to earth…but she did not stop from here!

The next time someone akyat bahays my village or condo, I will fucking ask the guard why the thieves didn’t fucking log in their name in the visitor logs.

Raissa Robles, please don’t pour your credibility and impressive history and immense talent down the drain by your careless and blind hatred for Duterte. You are so much better than this comment.

Netizen esoj has something to say on the matter too…

Facebook user Johnbee Sales pokes fun at Robles.

No, Raissa. He uses the same ninja outfit he wears to cosplay conventions… Remember? The same cosplay convention you attend playing Sherlock Bloody Holmes.

Nate C. Barretto join the fray…

Next, Ms Robles will ask for a receipt and a tax declaration, huh?

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Source: Twitter


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