This is not right! A Caucasian bullies a Pinoy motorist after losing parking space in Jollibee? Look where he is now!

Facebook user Jessica Ignacio took her complaint to the social media after a foreigner harassed her partner in the Jollibee parking lot in Paranaque on February 14, 2017.

According to her Facebook post, the incident happened in BF Paranaque.

Jessica asked netizens to report the foreigner to the Paranaque police in case they know his identity.

Jessica said the foreigner is driving a car with plate number ZEP 994.

She said the foreigner confronted and provoked them. The videos shall give you an idea what that means.

In the video, the Caucasian guy can be seen confronting the young motorist, urging the latter to alight from the vehicle.

However, the companion of the young motorist prevailed him to stay inside the car.

At one point, the young man remarked that he does not understand what the foreigner is saying.

Visibly irked by the passive behavior of the other motorist, the Caucasian guy can be seen banging and opening of the Suzuki car.

Pay attention to his body language and tone of his voice, the Caucasian guy was eager to pick a fight with the Suzuki Celerio owner.

The Caucasian stopped harassing the young motorist after a woman in pink dress intervened, telling him not to lay his hand on the young guy.

The woman in pink told the Caucasian guy that she recorded everything on her camera phone.

According to Jessica, the confrontation ensued after his boyfriend beat the Caucasian to the last vacant parking space in Jollibee at that time.

The Caucasion got incensed and confronted the Suzuki Celerio car owner.

Video when the Caucasian confronted the Suzuki car owner.

Posted by Jessica Ignacio on Monday, February 14, 2017

The woman in pink intervened…

Posted by Jessica Ignacio on Monday, February 14, 2017

Turned out the brave lady is a court judge. Yes, you heard it right. That explains why she was so cool in handling the situation.

One netizen remarked that the Caucasian guy is German.

If you watch the video below right before the confrontation, the Caucasian driving a Nissan X-trail was on the right lane, the Suzuki Celerio on the left lane, while the Honda car was in front who had no intention of taking the available parking space. The German appeared seconds later in the video. It was clear that the Suzuki arrived ahead of the German. Sorry for the confusion.

Then out of nowhere, the Suzuki car took the parking space for himself, enraging the foreigner.

Posted by Jessica Ignacio on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One netizen identified as Marvin Mayo commented that it appears that the foreigner is not fault here. His fault was how he reacted to the situation.

“Hahahaha mukhang yung nag post ng cam ang mali,kuya kasya kasi ang oto sa kanan so inisip nya pumwesto sa sa kanan papunta jollibee eh ikaw nasa kaliwa…..inisip nya dederetso ka.anyway hindi lahat maidadaan sa social media.”

“Nag overtake sa right ata yung dayuhan. bawal yun,” Xy-za Enterina argued.

“Hindi overtake tawag doon kasi kanan,ang overtake sa kaliwa saka sya nag cut papuntang kanan pa park sa jollibee.papark ka pala dapat sinagad mo sa kanan kasi kasya pa eh anluwag.ang mali lang ng foreigner naghamon sya ng away,” Marvin Mayo explained further.

Auroven Sidro agreed with Marvin: “Mawalang galang na lang po ma’am ….yung kalsada po kung nasaan sila walang lane….naunahan na po sya ng pwesto nung dayuhan perosiniksik pa rin po nya ito kesa sa paunahin na…ibig sabinin po sinasadya nya rin yung ginawa nya..tapos kinat pa nya…”

Meanwhile, netizens praise the young motorist for staying calm and the lady in pink for standing up to the foreigner. Many are angry at the Caucasian for his brash behavior.

The Suzuki driver and his woman companion took their complaint to the nearby police station and had the incident on police blotter. The couple also filed a complaint against the Caucasian.

By the way, the German was detained at the police station in Paranaque while waiting for inquest proceedings as per the comment of Suzuki Celerio car owner in the thread.

Moral Lesson: Stay courteous in the road and in the parking lot whether you are a foreigner visiting the country or a local.


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