“This is the reason why Grace Poe returned to PH” —Self-proclaimed socmed political analyst on Grace Poe fighting hard to keep ABS-CBN on air

The flowchart below, albeit done in haste, shows Senator Grace Poe’s connection with ABS-CBN and her family, thus strengthening the allegation she can be liable for the anti-graft and corrupt practices act as pointed out by several legal personalities in different FB posts.


In light of this exposé and the confession of Senator Poe on live television, FB political analyst hiding behind the name Jose Alejandrino remarked that he has been saying all along that Grace Poe returned to the Philippines because of this reason. “This is the reason why Grace Poe returned to PH as I had written in a previous posting.”

Alejandrino said that if ABS-CBN goes off air, Poe’s family is hundreds of millions poorer compared when ABS-CBN is in business. “If ABS-CBN ceases to operate FPJ Productions & Film Archive stand to lose hundreds of millions of pesos of potential revenue.”

Alejandrino argued that ABS-CBN’s inability to use free airwaves due to franchise issues will be a huge blow to Poe’s presidential ambition in 2022. “In addition, Grace will lose her main media backer for her presidential candidacy in 2022. Among Grace’s top financial backers are the Ayalas.”

Alejandrino claimed the Oligarchs are backing Poe because they are banking on FPJ’s popularity, which they hope will translate into Grace Poe’s election win in 2022. “The oligarchs are mainly behind Grace and they hope the bakya crowd will swing behind her because of FPJ’s popularity.”

Alejandro said that he understands why Poe is hell bent in keeping ABS-CBN on air because Poe’s chances in 2022 Presidential election is anchored on ABS-CBN. “This is why the airing of FPJ’s films is crucial to enhance Grace’s image as the daughter, albeit adopted, of FPJ.”

Alejandrino also mentioned the Aquinos and Danding Cojuangco, Grace Poe’s financial backer in past election. “The Aquinos also have a vested interest in ABS-CBN – Kris Aquino is an investor. So does Danding Cojuangco.”

“In short, ABS-CBN is crucial to the oligarchs and the yellow party,” Alejandrino added.

Alejandrino predicted “Grace Poe will be the main opponent of Inday Sara in 2022.”

Alejandrino wrapped up his post with this line, “This is why there is so much fuss about ABS-CBN.”

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Source: Jose Alejandrino

Credits also goes to Adolfo Mortera for reposting Jose Alejandrino’s FB post.

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