This lady doctor offers to teach Judy Ann Santos recipes after her tirade on social media for paying white onions P550 a kilo went viral?

Judy Anne Santos-Agoncillo’s tirade on social media against the very high price of white onion has raised the eyebrows of netizens, including radio host/socmed personality and physician, Dr. Ethel Pineda.

IDr. Pineda began by mentioning that Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo aka Juday is a fellow South resident and whom she would sometimes see in the grocery when buying supplies.

Basically, Dr. Pineda could hardly recall the time when white onion was priced at P40 a kilo so she turned to her FB followers to fill her in. She asked in jest if the P40 a kilo white onions Juday talked about was when it was all just skin and sold at the Sale section?

In addition, Dr. Pineda wanted to confirm if indeed Juday paid P500 a kilo? Actually Juday claimed she paid P550 a kilo for the white onions. If the answer is “YES”, she can’t help but state the obvious – Juday is price padding. She asked Juday if she bought the white onions from Santis?

If I was not mistaken, Dr. Pineda was referring to Santis, a “sosyal” one-stop-deli-shop for the moneyed Pinoys. [Link here]

At this juncture, Dr. Pineda took the opportunity to give Juday a sound advice – take a page from celebrated chefs and cook what is in season. Besides, she can use red onions in some recipes. She offered to teach Juday.

Dr. Pineda wrapped up the FB post by confronting Juday with the harsh truth. And that is, she was making such statement for the sake of throwing shade. She told Juday to refrain from making such statement. Why? Because continue doing so will just diminish the shine of her star. That is if her star still has sparkles.

You may now read Dr. Ethel Pineda’s original FB post below.

Taga rito sa amin siya sa South at nakakasabay ko pa minsan mag- grocery. Kailan kaya yung 40 pesos na puting sibuyas? Yung mga balat na at nasa Sale section? 500? Ang laki ng tong-pats ni Ate. Sa Santis ka bumili? 🤣

Seasonal ang taas at baba ng produce tulad ng onions, garlic, tomatoes, calamansi.

Por Dios. Gayahin mo mga celebrated chefs. They cook what is in season. At saka pwede naman red onions sa ibang recipes. Here, let me teach you.

May masabi ka lang derogatory, Ate. Wag ganyan. Nakababawas ng ningning sa iyong bituin. Kung meron pa.


Source: Ethel Pineda

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