This lady reporter tried to corner Duterte by asking him to act on de Lima’s statement to probe son Paolo in illegal drugs but failed!

Once again, President Duterte reminded local reporters that he was once a battle-tested government prosecutor who made a living crossing swords with opposing lawyers.

A lady reporter who attempted to put PRRD in an embarrassing situation by indirectly telling Duterte to act on de Lima’s suggestion to probe son Paolo’s alleged involvement in illegal drugs learned it the hard way.

In the video, Duterte simply returned the question, putting her in the hot seat.

In the end, she was apologetic to the President for asking the question in the first place.

Lady reporter: Sorry to ask this question Mr. president, Leila de Lima in her statement she said instead of going after “imagined and fictitious” drug lords, why not investigate Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio?

Duterte replied: Hindi ko lahat makuha yan. I know half of it but what is really your (point) diretso ka na?

Lady reporter: Yes, Sir why not investigate Paolo at Atty. Mans Carpio? Sila naman daw ang druglords?

Duterte: Who would believe me if I investigate my son and my son-in-law? Ikaw? Would you investigate your own mother and father? I leave it to the independent agencies just like the human rights, which have been making all the noise, the NBI. I said magtanong ka sa mga member dito…I do not talk privately with my secretaries. I don not even call them, not once. And I leave everybody to decide what is right for the country. If they are really guilty, then so be it. Sinabi ko na sa inyo noong Mayor pa ako. Anong order ko sa police? Barilin ninyo maski anak ko. And that statement remains. Barilin mo. Kung naggagmit ng droga ang aking anak, naghawak ng droga, barilin nyo. Extra judicial killing if you want. And I can understand. Wala akong ano. pusta ko. I…I cast my future and my presidency. Di ako magpa-corner. Kita mo mga Cabinet members ko, mga kaibigan ko lahat yan, sinipa ko. The last was the undersecretary of Budget. He was around when I was campaigning. The first one, the first Cabinet was also the head of my campaign. Wala tayong magawa. Kung makulong sya, di pa ipakulong mo. Walang tayong magawa. Ganyan talaga ang buhay, walang kakornihan.

Do not be anxious to say sorry for asking the question. You are all entitled to ask a question. So tanong kayo. But before my mayorship, sinabi ko na sa inyo yan.

And you know that pamilya, in-laws ni Paolo, ang negosyo ay importation ng mga Singapore. But at the age of 18, he eloped with a woman 24 years of age.

So he had to join the family of the lady and to help the business, kaya he is a regular fixture doon.

Noon yun. That started. Kayong mga taga-Davao, alam ninyo to the benefit of the rest of the nation. The reason why he is there is because diyan sya. Di na nga sya makapagtapos mag-aral eh. So natuto magnegosyo. At 18 years old, he had to work with the family.

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