This lawyer agrees with Duterte – ABS must be punished with removal of its franchise but many, especially our senators wants Filipinos to remain stupid

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Facebook page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan shared her thoughts on how our senators respond to the priority bills of the President.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Trixie noted that mostly, when the President needs something from the legislative body, the senators failed him. She cited the CITIRA bill, even the first wave of the tax reforms as an example. And guess what the senators did? They meddled with the said bill and many of the provisions were not passed, which the country badly needed. “Napansin ko lang, kadalasan, basta may kailangan si pangulo sa lehislatura, kadalasan binibigo siya. Halibawa, CITIRA. Kahit yung unang wave ng tax reform, sobrang pinakialaman ng senado, kaya’t may mga di nakapasa na provisions na kailangan natin.”

Atty. Trixie remarked that President only want a simple wish – end ABS-CBN’s era because their meddling in the country’s electoral process, in our politics and their rent seeking has been over the top. “Ngayon, simple lang kailangan ni Pangulo. Hindi na makatarungan yung pangingialam ng ABS CBN sa electoral process, sa politica, sobra na ang rent seeking. It has to end.”

Atty Trixie also hold the belief that ABS-CBN must be meted with penalty. “ABS must be punished with removal of its franchise.”

However, Atty. Trixie took cognizance of the fact that there are many people who wants to maintain the status quo. “Pero syempre ang daming interesado to keep the people stupid and in the clutches of this and other oligarchies and their hired hacks.”

Let us read some of the comments who agree with PRRD and Atty. Trixie with regards to ending ABS-CBN’s long history of meddling in our political life.

This netizen noted that all senators are Kapamilya or pro-ABS-CBN. “Parang puro kapamilya ang mga senador ah.. wow na wow na kitang kita pa ang pag padrino nyo sa Abs. Under contract ba kayo ng dos? “

One netizen said the best thing the court will do is shut down ABS- after March 30, 2020. “The best thing the court will do is to shutdown abias this March…so that they will learn their lessons and pagkakamali…para sa next apply nila ng franchise after 25 years alam na nila ang tama at mali…Goodbye Abias..”

Another netizen wants the senate abolished. “BUWAGIN ANG SENATE!!! “

This netizen wants the senators who are under the payroll of the Oligarchs out of office in the next election. “Kaya dapat mawala sa senado yang mga tau tauhan ng mga Oligarchs para umusad ang bansang Pilipinas.”

Another netizen lamented that our senators are violating the law. “Law makers are the ones violating the law. Buset! 🤬 “

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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