This lawyer doesn’t give a damn about the tattoo accusation of Trillanes. Here’s why!

The tattoo accusation of Trillanes has been the talk of social media since the senator detonated the ‘bomb’ in the senate probe on BOC smuggling.

While LP supporters thought that the Trillanes surprised bomb against the presidential son would be enough to torpedo the Duterte ship and sink it, legal experts think otherwise.

Atty. PM Dizon from the UP College of Law took to Facebook sharing his legal opinion on the tattoo accusation of Trillanes.

by Atty. PM Dizon

1. Due process, privacy, and the right against self-incrimination. The accuser should prove the case against the person. It is against the law to force the accused to adduce evidence against himself. If you don’t have your own evidence, then you have no business making accusations. Attempting to destroy the reputation of a person in a forum as public as the Senate floor is an attack is akin to those of abusive policemen who kill minors based only on accusations, not actual proof.

2. A tattoo proves nothing. Even if the accused had a dragon tattoo, it could be a harmless one. But a powerful senator in his own forum could give the presence of any tattoo a malicious meaning. If I were in a similar situation, I would not participate whether I had a tattoo or not. I have all to lose and nothing to gain by participating. I’ve heard that the court of public opinion is harsher than the courts because it would consider silence to be admission. Well, that’s the reason a judge can’t just be anyone. That’s also why judges are not affected by public opinion – because guilt is not determined by public opinion.

I see only one good thing that came out of this. When the opportunity comes to embarrass a high-ranking public official who abuses his power to speak out, and in a way that is legal and socially acceptable, you can do the country a favor and embarrass him. It will be cathartic not just for you, but for many of us. And it teaches the public official a lesson because nothing stings a public official more than being shamed online and on national TV and made a laughingstock.

Thanks to Eric Clark Su for sharing Atty. PM Dizon’s post online.

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