This lawyer’s random conversation in the street made him quipped: Her story fortified my resolve to support this President.

Atty. Bruce Rivera, you know who he is, whether you are a pro or anti-Duterte, visited Davao City again for the nth time and had an  awe-inspiring story to tell from his travel down south.

The jet-setter attorney visits Davao City often because of various reasons.

To his surprise,  people know him as the Atty. Bruce Rivera on Facebook.  While walking back to his hotel, a grandma in her 50’s struck  conversation with him in the street.

Borne out of that conversation, Atty. Bruce Rivera made a promise, a pact with the Duterte supporters that he will support the president even more after hearing the woman’s story. Intrigued? Without further adieu, read the excerpt of his post to understand where Atty. Rivera is coming from.

After the lunch (and dinner, because that was my last meal for the day), I proceeded to walk back to the hotel. I was talking to a client over the phone when this lady who is perhaps in her late 50’s looked at me and said, “hey, I know you?! Yes, thanks for noticing. And she said, “I will have a selfie with you”.  And we did.  After that, she told me a story that really made my day.

She said, that 30 years ago, she was working in a Mercury Drug in Davao during the first term of Duterte. At that time, she worked the night shift and always had a problem going home because crime was so prevalent then. One night, she saw Duterte sitting in a tinted taxi and parked near the drugstore. She recognized him and began talking to her, the security guard on duty and the pharmacist. Duterte found out how difficult it was to work at night and it was more difficult to find something to eat because nothing was open because people were afraid. Two days later, Duterte visited again and brought bread for them. I left and went to my hotel with such a good feeling.

You see, these encounters feed your soul. It makes you better. The wedding coordinator who cried telling me that I can affect people. And the grandmother who told her story fortified my resolve to support this President. We have something special going on in this country and you just have to go to Davao to see it.

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