This Leni Robredo’s latest PR offensive is a classic case of having the right idea but the execution simply sucks big time!

The social media post of former Vice President Leni Robredo flexing the launching of “Siembrigada Pagbasa at Pagbilang Project” in Bicol, one of Angat Buhay’s program initiatives, to tackle the alarming phenomenon of Filipino secondary level students who can’t read or non-readers and math-challenged has been heavily criticized and even lampooned on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the original FB post of the former Vice President Leni Robredo which opened the floodgates of criticism.

The photo below of the former Vice President was the first to get the attention of her critics. At first glance, it appears there is nothing wrong with the photo. However, eagle-eyed critics of the former Vice President quickly noticed something is not right.

One former VP Leni’s harshest critic is Ms. Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB page For the Motherland who posted a series of FB post talking about what’s wrong with Leni Robredo’s photo.

According to Ms. Sass Rogando Sasot, if Leni’s aim is to improve the reading skills of the students, the student should have been reading the book along with Leni not just mere listener of the former vice president.

Ms. Sasot recalled that back in the days, their teacher listens to them read and corrects them only when they mispronounce a word.

Ms. Sasot remarked that Leni’s PR team should have been meticulous by making sure the student was also reading the book along with Leni. She added that Leni’s PR team should have told her that merely reading a story to the learner is not the correct approach if improving her reading skill is the objective.

Leni’s “Siembrigada Pagbasa at Pagbilang Project” is a noble cause that should be replicated all over country to help Pinoy non-readers overcome their problem.

In my understanding, Ms. Sasot is not attacking Leni Robredo’s initiative per se but Leni Robredo’s PR team for bungling their job big time and as a result, Leni Robredo has been getting the flak from critics because of the mistake of her PR handlers.

In other words, Leni’s PR team is an epic failure!


Source: Facebook

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