This Man Bulletin writer wants to punish all journalists after what Karen Davila did to Manny Pacquiao!

Karen Davila’s condescending and elitist attitude while grilling Senator Manny Pacquiao has angered a lot of people on social media, including Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu.

Grabbed from Krizette Laureta Chu’s FB.

So mad was Chu that in retaliation for embarrassing Manny Pacquiao on national TV, she wants to punish all journalists – require them to file their SALN’s.

If you are wondering why when SALN’s is for government employees and those running for public office?

Chu reasoned that since journalism is the fourth estate, the public can demand transparency from their part.

Chu remarked that asking questions shouldn’t be Karen’s sole territory.

In other words, if she can dish it, she can also take embarrassing questions from the public.

Chu went on to share what she knows about Davila to support her argument why reporters like Karen should file their SALN’s.

You may read the full post below.

I believe journalists should also file SALN, since journalism is the fourth estate.

Since Karen Davila grilled Manny Pacquiao re his college degree, do you think its OK to ask her–just ask–what her sources of income are?

Her husband works for TV, she works for TV, and yet they live in a very, very, very, very luxurious address that a news anchor of a local TV show should not be able to afford? Her bags are Hermes, she travels in style with people like Alice Eduardo, and gets photographed with her Hermes-toting barkada in places like Rodeo Drive.

To be able to live in that condo, she should be pulling in millions a month to buy that place or even rent that place, am i right (Joyce Atilano Herrera Wong?)

I remember a few of the controversies surrounding her and why she’s so pro Aquino.

Asking questions shouldn’t be the sole territory of Karen. As a news anchor, her credibility is very important, so we have a right to ask.

Check out some of the adverse comments below from netizens versus Karen Davila.

Ping Thompson That cocky woman who questioned manny pacquiao of his college education feeling she is that intelligent how come she called Prince William Dutch of Cambridge and can shame Alma Moreno why not try her antics on candidates who can answer her in fluent English who will not bow down to her feeling intelligent

Netizen Lugan Osbourne supports Chu’s opinion on journalist filing SALN’s.

I agree with your recommendation journalist should file their SALN too. Corrupt can pay one journalist just to right pogi points or building a good image for that corrupt politician. Just like that bilibid prison head before involved in arms deal bucayo and and before him, its a big issue and there’s no follow up until they got promoted. See a journalist can kill news block news and right fake news.

Bucci Lopez Agree. I think its about time for them to file SALN. Mukhang sila yata ang nagagamit as “cronies” ng mga oligarchs. Kelangan tingnan ang anggulo na yan. They are always on the safe side. Pag nakakanti sisigaw lang sila ng “oppression of the freedom of the press”, these bitches!

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