This Maritess with a phone disagrees with Leni-Kiko rally organizers who estimated 250,000 crowd attended Cebu event

After BBM-Sara tandem’s 300,000 strong rally in Cebu just recently, Leni-Kiko went back to Cebu to hold the so-called Cebu 2.0 Leni-Kiko rally, apparently to solidify their supporters in Cebu, which is the largest bloc of voters in the country, and hopefully top the crowd gathered by the BBM-Sara tandem Cebu rally held previously.

According to the organizers of the Ceboom 2.0 rally as per report of the CDN Digital, around 250,000 people attended the Leni-Kiko rally in Cebu last night.

However, Krixia Subingsubing of the Inquirer tweeted that as per local PNP estimate, the final estimate of the crowd of the Leni-Kiko Cebu 2.0 rally was 150,000.

On that note, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu took to Facebook to say that the wick of the Leni-Kiko rally is whoever patiently watch the crowd of the Ceboom 2.0 rally on the clock to make sure the Leni-Kiko camp cannot photoshop the crowd.

Chu asked how can you counter the claim of the netizen who has videos to back up his story. She said the netizen started updating fellow netizens at around 6PM at a constant basis. Not all heroes wear capes. Some are Maritess with phones, Chu wrote.

Ang mitsa ng LeniKiko rally ay kung sino man tong per hour nagbabantay ng crowd para make sure di ma Photoshop. Paano mo malulusutan to may videos pa lol. Nag start sya mga 6 pm ata tapos consistent yung updates HAHAH. Who are you?!Not all heroes wear capes. Some are Maritess with phones.

Credits to Arche Maquilan for the updates.

Video taken by Arche Maquilan to prove the photo updates are authentic.

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

One netizen commented that perhaps the Maritess with phone was a worker in the nearby construction site.

Must be some workers in the nearby construction site of Mandani Bay complex. A hero without a cape, a guy high above the bldg. – a Maritoy, perhaps 😉

A netizen commented that the Maritess was a resident of a condo unit nearby.

resident daw po sya ng isang condo sa tapat nyan..

This netizen from Cebu described the traffic to give the internet an idea if the Leni-Kiko Cebu 2.0 rally yesterday was well-attended or not.

never nag ka traffic. d kalayuan yan ng sm cebu. yung mga sm employee natatakot baka maipit sa traffic. pag labas ng mall , walang challenge! parang walang rally!🤣


Source: Krizette Chu

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