This motorist is getting his 15 minutes of fame for failing to observe a simple road courtesy rule

A dashcam video showing a motorist who refused to yield to a fire responding to an emergency is circulating online.

Facebook user Mike Ofiana shared the video of Markjay Presnede Pulumbarit on Facebook to highlight the attitude of some motorists who don’t know how to observe road courtesy.

Mike Ofiana chided the motorist for ignoring to yield or give way to the emergency vehicle driving behind him/her.

“Wag tularan ang kotseng ito napaka Ano ba naman ung gumilid ka saglit at mag give way sa emergency vehicle pedeng pang Top Gear Philippines ung driver. (Don’t follow the example set by this driver. It does not hurt to move to the outermost lane for a moment or give way to the emergency vehicle. This driver deserves to be in Top Gear Philippines)” Ofiana wrote.

“Ako bilang driver ng emergency vehicle, marami na akong naranasang ganyang klase ng tao, simple lang naman gngawa ko jan at sna maging pointers din ito sa mga DPO, sagiin nyo or ung side mirror, walang mggwa yan kahit saan korte pa kayo umabot. PS; pag may EMERGENCY NA RESPONDE LANG. (As an emergency vehicle driver, I encounter different types of people. My approach is simple. I hope this serves as a pointer to DPO’s. I intentionally hit their side mirrors. They can’t do nothing about this even if it reaches the court. P.S. Do this in emergency response cases.) Abu Rizwan Majid Caballero wrote.

The video has been gathered 232,000 views, 1,894 shares, 1430 reactions and 154 comments.

Netizens are united in castigating the motorist who ignored road courtesy in the video.

“Binangga na dapat eh kita naman ang katangahan sa video hindi makaka palag yan haha. (The car should have been run over. It”s obvious the driver is dumb. He can’t do something about it.)” Billy Ray Hulipas wrote.

“Yan yung mga atat makabili ng sasakyan eh. Sana road etiquette muna binili mo kung di mo kayang matutunan. Hays. ( These are the eager-beaver car buyers. Hope, he bought road etiquette first before buying a car. Hays.)” Adrian Philip Sullera Nadela commented.

“Report sa LTO para mabigyan ng kaulkulang parusa. (Report this to the LTO so that motorist is given appropriate penalty.) Joel Barajas said.


According to the website, the penalty for motorist refusing to yield to police, emergency vehicle is only P150.000. So that explains the audacity of some drivers, on top of the lack enforcement of traffic enforcers.


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