This netizen thinks Sereno needs help after embarrassing herself in Stephen Sackur’s HardTalk that public meltdown is a possibility?

Was Lourdes Sereno’s performance really that embarrassing in Stephen Sackur’s HardTalk that she might soon have public meltdown?

That’s how netizen Adolf Mortera puts it, contrary how mainstream media painted the Sereno interview in BBC’s HardTalk.

For that interview, Mortera commended Sackur for unmasking Sereno with ease as a lying, dumb and low-IQ public figure.

Meanwhile, Mortera has nothing good to say of Sereno’s performance in the BBC interview.

Mortera lamented that had Sereno been more receptive to what was going on in the interview, rather being self-absorbed, he honestly believed Sereno could have done better and argued her case intelligently.

Perhaps, she could have succeeded in making her case to the world.

But Mortera said Sereno had no one to blame but herself because of her self-righteous, arrogant and zero empathy stance in the interview.

Mortera predicted that Sereno will have a public melt down sooner or later considering her psychological make-up and the humiliation she suffered since her colleagues booted her out from SC. And then, the the Sackur interview.


Sackur must be commended for handily exposing Sereno as a lying, dumb, and low-IQ public figure. But Sereno’s demeanor says otherwise. Given her psychological make-up, she could have honestly believed that the interview instead gave her a platform to convince the global audience that democracy is dead in the Philippines, that the judiciary is not independent, and that she succeeded in communicating her case to the world. She impressed many as evasive in her replies but in reality she was obsessed with her own train of thoughts. Disregarding Sackur’s comments and questions, she felt compelled to just repeat her responses in local talk shows, no matter if they were irrelevant. Comfort-zone answers to Sackur’s hard questions.

Sereno was cooped up in her own world during that interview, mindless of Sackur’s questions. To her, Sackur was a blur. She listened only to the monsters within her. Zero empathy. She sounded self-righteous and arrogant, but looking at her mental condition now, one month after her legitimate ouster, I think she will melt down publicly soon, and needs some help from a psychiatrist. Like Noynoy.

Anyway, did you watch the video of Sereno’s disastrous interview? Not yet? Don’t want to waste your time watching the entire 24-minute video but would rather read the transcript of the video?

Well, you may click the link to read the transcript of the video interview here.

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