This patriotic Pinay traveled to Switzerland to defend Duterte against human rights allegations from de Lima, Liberal Party

I had goosebumps watching the video of a Filipina who traveled all the way from Germany to Switzerland to defend Duterte from lies of de Lima and the Liberal Party.

The unidentified Filipina attended the Human Rights International  Forum in Geneva Switzerland on March 19, 2017 wherein one of the highlights was a video presentation alleging that Duterte’s war on drugs killed more than 7,000 drug suspects.

And if you go to the Philippines…What’s happening now in the Philippines is that, every family has a drug problem including my family…If you only know why I am right right now…

I came from very far, I live in Germany but I traveled all the way here, to voice my words, to voice what’s really happening in the Philippines.

This is not just a human rights issue, Ms. Callamard is right, this is also a public (health) issue. And now my point is that…you need to look at the other side of the story. I appreciate the effort(s) of the journalist, it (video presentation) was well-presented.

However, the real scenario mentioning the 7,000 were killed, with this drug problem or with this..war on drugs…when you check on the details…when you do…I urge all of you to do your research because these 7,000 killings is not just all about drugs, these are all the murders (that have been) happening since the president came into power…And I tell you, the last administration…these  extra-judicial killings…has been happening…It is not just the time of the (current) president…The president is so angry about the drug problem because it is so huge and you cannot imagine it…You see the people, the very people…I have a friend, 12 year old is using drugs…that’s how difficult human rights. I urge you…during the term of the president…since he came to power in July (moderator interrupts) One moment…one minute…one minute…There are 1,900,000 drug surrenderers…

The United Nations we urge you to help us with this problem…You come to us, you help us with this health problem. Build rehabilitation centers for these people. You see all those accused of drug (offenses) in the prisons…it is catastrophic.

If you are concerned about people, you go to the Philippines and help us build rehabilitation centers and stop meddling with the political affairs of the Philippines because the case are in court and you need to respect the laws of the Philippines. Thank you.

The video has been circulating online in various pro-Duterte pages and in one page, the video has gathered more than 311,000 views, 11,887 shares, 9,839 reactions as of this writing and counting.

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Credits to Atiseret Tee for uploading the video.

▶Human Right International Forum in Geneva🇨🇭
Atiseret Tee☜

Posted by dutertesupporter.mema on Sunday, March 19, 2017

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