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This prominent Dilawan satirist thanks God for Boracay on Twitter but Duterte supporters attack her for being an ingrate? Read why!

Mae Paner aka Juana Change and fellow Dilawans were very noisy on social media when former President Duterte ordered the closure and rehabilitation of Boracay.

Recently, Mae Paner flexed her latest Boracay trip on Twitter and described her Boracay experience sans the itch after enjoying a swim, the stones or rocks and the water is clear. Calm. She thanked God for Boracay but forgot to thank PRRD who made Boracay beautiful again.

Twitter influencer and anti-Dilawan blogger named The Buried Lead by Ramon Ortoll quickly jumped in opportunity to call out Mae Paner, whom he accused of creating a lot of noise on social media protesting against the Boracay closure for rehabilitation, for being an ingrate. But now that the closure turned out to be roaring success, these critics can’t even acknowledge Duterte for bringing back Boracay to its glorious days!

Bicolano vlogger Edwin Jamora, who is a rabid anti-Dilawan, a Duterte supporter and Marcos loyalist joined Ramon Ortoll of the The Buried Lead in criticizing Mae Paner aka Juana Change, but this time on Facebook.

Jamora urged Mae Paner to read aloud a short message he prepared for her thanking former President Duterte for her enjoyable Boracay experience.

Repeat after me, Mae Paner!

“THANK YOU POONG RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE. MARAMING SALAMAT PO!” Say it with attitude plus all the dramatics! Go!



Here are some of the comments from netizens in reaction to Mae Paner’s tweet.

One netizen perfectly articulated the attitude of the critics of former President Duterte.

Ganyan talaga ang mga inggrato! Pag mabuti ang nangyari sa Pilipinas, kaloob ng Maykapal. Pag masama ang nangyayari, isisisi sa gobyerno!

A second commenter reacted harshly to the likes of Mae Paner for being hypocrites.

Here we see a hypocritical parasitic useless asshole taking advantage of a place the fucking pest didn’t even appreciate while it was being overhauled and was actively against it being cleaned up. 

This netizen reminded Mae Paner that if not for PRRD, Boracay will not regain its beauty hence she should include PRRD in crediting for what it is now.

Mae P. Paner kong hindi dahil kay PRRD hindi gaganda ang boracay sana kasama mo siya s pasasalamt mo.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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