This rape incident has infuriate social media, netizens want Robredo and all oppose to the death penalty to comment on this!

Rape? This is a common staple in primetime news that the viewing public is already immune to hearing such incident, but this one really angers netizens.

In Barangay Perelos, Carcar City, Cebu, a 4-month old baby was kidnapped beside the sleeping mother and recovered a few hours later, crying in a vacant lot, 100 meters away from their house at dawn.

According to ABS-CBN report, the police said that the mother and the baby were sleeping together when the kidnapping occurred.

The baby’s grandfather said he heard a baby’s cry and went out to check.

He was shocked to see a baby covered in blood and screamed for help.

When the mother was roused from her sleep because of the commotion, it was when they realized that the baby in the vacant lot was their 4-month-old baby.

“The mother said that she didn’t notice that her daughter was gone as she was tired and was asleep. The father was also in the other room with their 8 other kids. The victim is the youngest and the 9th child of the couple,” ABS-CBN wrote.

A porous curtain serves as the door cover as their house is still unfinished so that’s explain how the suspect easily got access to his prey.

The baby is still treated at the Carcar District Hospital for injuries sustained in her private parts.

The medico-legal found lacerations in the baby’s private parts which caused the bleeding.

Police confirmed the 4-month old baby was raped by a tuba-drinking rapist.

Recovered at the crime scene was the baby’s diaper and an empty bottle that smelled of coconut wine or tuba in local dialect.

On Facebook, the rape of the 4-month old infuriates social media.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a popular Duterte supporter is so mad at this news that she couln’t contain herself from taking a swipe at those oppose of the death penalty and wrote:

Still no death penalty? No? I wonder what Oracle Leni, The One Who Knows Everything, will say about this. Also, family planning/birth control distribution naman. This baby is the couple’s ninth, and the mother was too tired to even feel her baby was taken away from her. Parang ano, parang ganito kasi yon, sa tingin ko lang.

Netizens joined in the chorus, demanding the re-imposition of the death penalty in light of this revolting act.

“That is why I am pro-death penalty. And do not ever argue with me using the line ‘follow God’s will’ because the mere fact that the baby was raped and it is all done now (that is why you are reading this news) is already coined as God’s will,” Lynn Pelarco  wrote.

Ma Ana Bejasa Caballero commented: “Ay kawawa nman si baby🐥.. pari walk for peace ninyo kasali din ba ang inosente!? O para sa mga kriminals.. yong mga ayw sa death penalty Tama na ang life sentence sa suspek? Kung ako magulang niyan patayin ko rin siya para patas nanggigil ako.hayop demonyo bilang nanay sikip sa dibdib pagbata ang binalita.” 

Kaya dapat talaga may death penalty eh, total hindi naman na pwedeng iconsider na tao ang gumagawa ng mga ganyang bagay. Masahol pa yan sa hayop eh..dapat dyan summary execution talaga para di na pamarisan. May batas nga wala namang pangil. Yes to death penalty! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” Jun Vidal joined in the conversation, demanding for the death penalty. 

Are you in favor of the re-imposition of the death penalty? See you in the comment section.

Source: ABS-CBN News


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