This self-confessed anti-Marcos turned BBM supporter and defender responds to anti-Marcos forces who questions her change of heart

A BBM supporter and defender has been continually questioned by Leni supporters how the heck she went from being an anti-Marcos to become now one of BBM’s rabid defender on social media has finally put out a brief FB post to once and for all to silence her detractors.

Thea Tan, a savvy researcher and a very good writer at that, that’s why she is one of the most hated pro-Marcos influencers by anti-Marcos forces, took to Facebook 3 days ago to defend herself from personal attacks to hit back at Leni supporters whom she said has this inability to understand why someone who is anti-Marcos in one day and a rabid BBM defender the next day.

Tan asked what is so hard to understand about changing her mind, especially when she has done due diligence and can argue and better yet, defend her change of heart.

Tan figured that trolls think as one so whatever’s fed them, they will take it hook, line and sinker and regurgitate it without using their brain matter.

Tan asked if you can change bf/gf, careers, plans in life, annul your marriages and yet you can’t even comprehend that people can change their minds about the Marcoses who are open-minded and do their research?

Tan ended the FB post with the realization that shunga is indeed real!

You may now read Thea Tan’s original FB post below.

Lugawnatics don’t understand why I changed my mind from being an anti-Marcos to BBM’s supporter and voter.

What’s so hard to understand about that, especially when I have done my due diligence and can argue and defend my position publicly?

These trolls think uniformly so whatever’s fed to them, they parrot without thinking.

Nagbabago nga kayo ng jowa, trabaho, plano sa buhay, at nagpapa-annul tapos hindi nyo naiintindihan ang pagbabago ng isip about the Marcoses ng mga open-minded at nag-research?



Source: Thea Tan

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