This SUV driver hurriedly left the accident scene to elude arrest. But not for long.The police recovered SUV’s license plate

A head on collision between an SUV Hummer and a motorcycle rider was caught on CCTV video, killing the rider and the backrider on the spot.

The accident was recorded on CCTV video of Brgy. Pinahan, Quezon City in the morning of February 12, 2017 at 5:25 AM.

In the video, the counterflowing SUV Hummer hit the motorcycle rider head-on, leaving the motorcycle rider and the backrider dead on the spot.

On impact, the back rider was send backwards for few feet while the motorcycle rider went under the hood of the Hummer, and dragged several feet.

According to GMA News, the motorcycle rider was crushed almost beyond recognition.

The Hummer driver quickly changed into reverse gear, then drove away from the scene of the accident, without bothering to help the victims.

The motorcycle rider came from the direction of V. Luna Avenue when the collision occurred.

The licence plate of the SUV was recovered from the scene of the incident, giving the police the lead, making it easier for the police to trace the driver’s whereabouts.

The passenger rider was identified by his company ID as Lowell Romaraog Gonzalgo, a 25 year old security guard. The identity of the motorcycle rider was still unknown as of this writing.

GMA News sought the statement of PO3 Renato Sunga and this is what he said on the matter.

“Reckless po talaga sya. Nag-counterflow sya eh. Kund di sya nag-counterflow, walang mangyayaring aksidente. Di man lang nya tinulungan ang biktima. Imbes matulungan para mailigtas sana, umatras sya at tumakas (He was reckless. He did counterflow. If he did not counterflow, no accident will happen. He did not even bother to help the victims. Instead of helping the victims, the SUV driver changed to reverse gear and drove away).”

As the SUV driver left hurriedly, the SUV’s plate number, which is BEU 200, was left in the scene of the accident.

“So sobrang lakas ng impact ng collision, nayupi po ang plaka. (The impact of the collision was so great, leaving a dent on the license plate.)”

The driver is facing charges of reckless imprudence resulting to homicide.

“Sana sumuko na lang sya, kasi mahuli at mahuli naman sya. Kitang-kita naman sa CCTV ant meron plakang naiwan. ( Hopefully, he surrenders soon to the authorities. Anyway, he will be caught. The accident was captured on CCTV and his car’s license plate was recovered.)”

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