This video angers netizens that they ask MMDA to increase fine for counterflowing to 900%

Counterflowing motorists are a ubiquitous sight in Metro Manila’s highways and streets that sometimes we can’t help but ask: when will this stop?

However, if only our traffic managers, local and national, will take the time to read the comments of netizens on Facebook threads about this problem, a solution perhaps can be found.

Speaking of which, here’s the viral video shared by a netizen identified as Jo Soliman, wherein commenters unselfishly discussed how counterflowing can be minimized if not eliminated by imposing a higher penalty for violators.

According to MMDA Traffic violations and penalties, the penalty for going against traffic or counterflowing is P2,000.

If the suggestion of the netizen is followed and the penalty of counterflowing is increased to 20,000 pesos from 2,000 pesos, that would mean a 900% increase.

A commenter wondered how on earth the motorist ended up on the other side of the road.

“He is directly in front of you!!! How on earth did he manage to do that? Your in front of the traffic light so right of way is yours. The schmuck has retard driving skills!!!”

To which the video uploader replied: “Ewan ko ano ginagawa nya dyan actually. Traffic sa side nya he wants to counterflow up to the end i really don’t know. ( I don’t know what he was doing there actually. Traffic was heavy on the side of the other motorist so he wants to counterflow until the end. I really don’t know.)

Posted by Jo Soliman on Monday, February 13, 2017

The video has gathered 423, 252 views as of this writing, less than 24 hours it was published on Facebook.

Meanwhile, another video showing a motorcycle in the main road was caught on dash cam video.

James Deakin posted it and wrote a fitting caption that says:

“To think it is absolutely illegal to drive a trike on a main road, much less a national road like EDSA, and he has the nerve to do this? The animals have really taken over the zoo.”

Do you think imposing a stiffer fine will partially solve our traffic problem? Your thoughts, please!

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