This video of “arrogant” dude who attacked female customers inside QC establishment going viral

This “arrogant” dude is in hot water after the video showing him attacking fellow customers in a QC establishment circulates online!

Facebook user Sheila Blancaver ran to Facebook for help in identifying the rude dude who smashed her mobile phone and attacked her companion.

The incident was partly captured on video, especially the part where the rude customer attacked their group.

Unfortunately, Sheila failed to capture the moment when the rude customer and her wife started creating the scene inside the establishment.

Here’s Sheila’s narrative of the incident for the small details to help you understand what transpired in the video.

Around 12:30 nn this day May 9, 2017 at Sandwichees Katipunan — my coworkers and I were harassed and bullied by a couple who claimed to be VIPs.

A woman started mouthing off to a crew of the said establishment. She started complaining loudly that the service and the food was bad after she explicitly claimed that she knows the owner of the place.

At around this time we were already concerned because she was getting hysterical and this was all happening in front of her children.

She then turned her attention to me and my staff because she saw that i was holding my celphone at that time, approached me invaded my personal space and accused me angrily that I was videotaping her–( which I wasn’t ) though I wish I did so I could have posted it too. At this point I answered her and said “excuse me??” and then her husband stood up and faced my male staff then asked “HINDI NYO BA AKO KILALA?” 😳 and pointed his finger at all of us telling us to shut up and started taking our photos and videotaping our group — so this time I really started videotaping the whole thing for our protection– and here u will see on the video how this man grabbed my celphone and threw it on the floor then kicked one of my female staff before leaving– WE APPEAL TO THOSE WHO KNOW THESE COUPLE — we know their last name we need their first names. PLease HELP us”

Cecil Almazan-Perfecto wrote: “I will never eat in Sandwichees again. They should have helped you guys out Sheila, since it happened inside their establishment, but instead they acted like they didn’t care.. I will share this not just to catch the couple who did that to you but to also show how the guard and the staff will react in case anything bad happens to people inside their resto.”

Giney Villar remarked: “That’s terrible! I just watched it but I too feel violated. But the management of that resto should also take their guard to task because it was obviously aggression against another customer. It appears that the guard even facilitated their getaway and his tone when he said just file a case. He didn’t even appear to get the details of that man. You can demand for that guard’s incident report and have it as additional documentation when you have it blottered in both police precinct covering that area and Barangay.”

As of this writing, the video has gathered 223,00 views, 1,161 reactions and 19 comments.

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