This video will make you want to adopt a dog pronto. Watch!

A dog is man’s best friend and when necessary, your dog will protect your life and property as the video below will demonstrate.

In the video, an thief snuck in by climbing over the fence of a residential area.

To the thief’s surprised, two dogs came and attacked him furiously, each one is trying to chew off a chunk of the thief’s flesh.

Apparently stunned by the dogs ferociousness, the thief tried to climb up but the dogs clung to him by biting on his jeans.

The thief fought off the dogs attack by kicking the dogs with his free foot but after getting dislodged, the dogs returned with increasing ferocity.

Take note of the white fella! He successfully pulled down thief to the ground using his weight as leverage.

Once the thief is on level ground, the dogs charged repeatedly against the thief.

The video lasted for 105 seconds and it was unclear if the thief was caught or not.

But one thing is clear, the two dogs succeeded in stopping the thief from stealing anything from its master’s house.


Posted by Caught On CCTV on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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