Tiglao: PDI owners owe P3B to government for unpaid rentals of lease prime property, taxes

In today’s Manila Times column, former spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao accused the owners of PDI of owing P3B to the government.

According to the sleuthing of Tiglao, the  PDI owners owe the government a whopping P1.8 billion.

The P1.8B is the unpaid rent of the Prietos and Rufinos who leased a government property (Creekside/Mile Long complex) situated at the heart of the Makati Business District.

The said property was leased to the Prietos by the Technology Resource Center Foundation in 1980 and 1983 at such a bargain price.

The leased ended in 2002 but Sunvar Realty Development Corp, the Prieto-owned company, did not return it to the government.

To give you an idea why Tiglao and the public has a reason to get angry, I urge you to look at this figures for your perusal:

“The Creekside/Mile Long complex  is a 29,000-square meter prime commercial property in Makati (between Amorsolo and Chino Roces Avenue, valued at P6B. [Manila Times]”

And do you know what is more even revolting? The Prietos continued collecting rentals from the Creekside/Mile Long complex even after their contract with the government expired.

By the way, the P1.8B figure was based on the P360 per square meter per month the government is asking Sunvar to pay. Imagine, if the computation is based on the P50,000 per sq.m/month, the standard price in Makati Business District.

In case you’re wondering where the heck was the P3B figure came from?  If you recall, the Prieto-owned Dunkin Donuts allegedly owe the government another P1.5B.


Moving forward, let us read how the academe and former government official react in light of the Tiglao exposé.

La Salle professor Van Ybiernas took to Facebook expressing his take on the issue.

“Ayun naman pala e.

May plausible explanation na kung bakit Pnoy’s Daily Inquirer ito.

Parang may quid pro quo sa pagitan ng gobyernong Aquino at ng Inquirer.

Dapat siguro imbestigahan din si Kim Henares kung nagpabaya ito.

Ay wait, areglado na nga pala ito kay Carpio-Morales. Sisiguraduhin nyang, uhmmm, maprotektahan ang karapatan ng lahat ng mga taong Dilaw (na siyang nagtangkang patayin si Crisostomo Ibarra sa Noli. Bwahahaha).”

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III remarked: “En Flagrante Delicto. Shameless.”

Your reaction, please!

Source: Bobby Tiglao

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