Tiktok video of Ate in kalye survey who lectures Robredo the job of the vice president, why she will vote for BBM amuses internet

A Tiktok video showing an Ate who was a respondent of a street survey known in local lingo as “kalye survey” lectured Leni Robredo about the job of the vice president has elicited nice remarks from netizens, even from a known blogger like Edwin Jamora.

Edwin Jamora, in case you don’t know him, is a known Duterte supporter based in the US working as an accountant and an Uragon from Sorsogon.

Jamora was so amused at ATE, he shared the Tiktok video on his Facebook wall to show to Leni supporters that this Ate is more intelligent than their idol Nanay Leni.

Here’s what went down in the video.

Ate said Vice president Robredo thinks she is just a spare tire if something bad happens to the president. She said the VP is akin to a military reservist who is just there just like when the regular soldiers needs fresh boots on the ground, especially during war times, she is ready to replace. When the president dies, the VP is there. This is very wrong mentality, Ate said.

As the vice president, Ate said Robredo should have made an effort to divide the workload of the President so that everything is covered and a lot of things can be done.

Ate explained her previous statement, arguing that while the President concentrates on matters of the economy and crime, Robredo handles agriculture matters, sports so that everything is taken care of.

In fairness, Robredo was given a couple of position during the early years of Duterte administration but she was eventually dropped from her post because of various reasons like criticizing the Duterte admin’s war on drugs. She was also the HUDCC Chairman but resigned. [CNNPH]

Ate asked what was Robredo doing anyway? Sitting pretty? Waiting for the president to die? Ate was annoyed that Robredo is clueless of the mere function of the vice president. Napakabobo kasi! Ate uttered.

Ate went on to talk for a minute or so made side remarks on netizens who chose Robredo and asked if indeed they did vote for Robredo in the kalye survey.

Ate also expressed her approval of BBM’s statement about the country needing a leader who will unite, not someone who will divide. We also need a leader who look into the future, not in the past.

Ate went on to say that all those presidential aspirants, except Sara and of course BBM, are looking into the past, what happened to the Marcoses.

Ate ended the rant by saying something that should make those peddling narratives about the Marcoses think about their strategy.

Kung nabobo kami noon ng Sibika at Kultura noong panahon na yun, ngayon hindi na. Ngayon ko lang napagtanto na nagkaroon ng social media ang totoo.


Source: Tiktok

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