Tiktoker @king_munar confesses getting P15K offer to create promotional videos for a politician but declined earns praise on Facebook

A Tikotoker who goes by the name @king_munar has confessed (where else?) on Tiktok that a financial opportunities came to him. He said the talent fee was okay, around P15K.

But thing was, he needs a produce a promotional video for this certain politician, which is something against his will. Why? He read a lot about negative comments about the said politician. As far he know, he does heard that the politician accomplished a solid project for the so-called laylayan ng bayan.

He then asked for understanding from the individual who approached him but so refuse the offer. He said cash is good but he his political stand is not sale. He added that his videos are for entertainment purposes and no political agenda.

He appealed to the politicians to spare the youths from their political agenda this coming election. He reckoned that if the public really like them, they will get their votes. Otherwise, sorry for them.

He also left a message for fellow youths: Tindig kabataan! Nasa atin ang pagasa ng bayan. Wag nating ipagpalit sa ilang pirasong perang papel para sa ating kinabukasan.

By the way, @king-munar’s video was shared by the FB page KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair run by Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu.

As of this writing, the video has generated 10,000+ reactions, 1,400+ comments and 164K+ views.

@king_munar has elicited praises from netizens for standing firm on his political beliefs.

“Thank you for standing firm sa iyong political paniniwala at nakikita mo ang katotohanan. Your parents raise you well.”

“Salute to this guy and to his parents.. they raise you well.. ..” of course the parents also get the credit for doing a good job in raising a child like @king_munar.

“YES! …this is something that all young people especially the youth should have to be Aware of & Proud to be!… Yeah! We Salute you for this stands & keep up the good deeds being grown up young men!!!.. 2 Thumbs up for you 👍👍!!” commented another netizen.

One netizen commended the kid for making the correct call if he considers Tiktok as a revenue stream. “If one considers Tiktok as a revenue stream, then yung decision ng mga bata not to deal in politics is a good long term business plan. They may earn one time big time sa politics pero in the process destroy their hard earned brands. Lalo na sa maraming followers, mas dapat nila ingatan ang content nila. One wrong move lang, end na ang SocMed career nila.”

And the best compliment was reserved to the mother who commented on KLC’s thread.

“that’s my youngest son. Natutuwa po kami ng papa niya at hindi niya tinanggap ang offer kahit na alam niya na it will be enough para makapag-enroll siya ngayon sa college. He is still waiting pa po sa results ng DOST at PHILSCA scholarship. Sana nga makasama siya sa mapipili.Even with our financial crisis, we are proud of him for not taking the offer.”


Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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