“Tiyak nyan babaha na naman ng luha sa twitter”— Lawyer on news report 5 political parties to back Sara Duterte for President

“Tiyak nyan babaha na naman ng luha sa twitter.”

This is the reaction of Atty. Trixie of the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan to the Duterte’s hogging the headlines in our local news outlets and the darlings on social media.

“So, Sara Duterte is being backed by five political parties, the President is being urged to run for VP, Pulong Duterte and friends just donated P5M to the widows and children of the AFP personnel killed in the C 130 plane crash…” Atty. Trixie wrote.

“All these news today,” remarked an apparently upbeat Atty. Trixie.

Why? Because according to her, “You can’t buy this kind of publicity or this kind of interest in the Duterte name.”

It appears the supporters of the Luminous share the same sentiment judging by their positive reactions. As of this writing, the Luminous FB post has generated 1980 reactions, 77 comments and 108 shares in just 3 hours and counting.

“Ang sakit atty backed by 5 political parties kay Mayor Inday..samantalang yung isa trying hard kaso mukang walang may gusto na tumakbo pa sya¬†😆😂😂😂 commented one netizen.

This netizen can’t hide her excitement of the latest developments and the prospect of another Duterte succeeding the father.

“Nangangamoy na ng kalawang si Aleng Leni at nga dilawan…paano na….si Inday Sarah, may 5 pol.parties back up tapos dagdagan pa ng lahat na uniformed personnel oh tapos lahat na visdak, mindanao, some luzon kay PRRD, Patay na ang Career ng politics sa mga yellowtae. hehhehe”

This netizen wants is going for the overkill. “Hopefully Pulong runs for senator and he gets to be the senate president. Given naman na panalo na Duterte-Duterte tandem. Then the highest officials would be Duterte-Duterte-Duterte. Dami magpapakamatay lol”

Meanwhile, this netizen reminds Atty. Trixie that President Duterte is also hogging the headline by keeping the public and the Opposition in a guessing game whether he will run for VP or not: “On the other hand, the President is playing his cards well. He publicly admits that he may run for VP and those who are planning to run are now trembling and shivering¬†😄


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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