To borrow Rappler’s analogy, if Leni was born in the Year of the Snake, she must be a __?

Yes, Rappler did say sorry after stirring the hornet’s nest with their poor attempt to wear the hat of a Chinese astrologer on Chinese New Year’s day.

To refresh your memory, below is the controversial caricature from Rappler depicting three of the prominent allies of President Duterte as dogs with an accompanying caption that reads:

Those born on the Year of the Dog are said to be faithful and loyal. They’re also intenseful defensive with friends and family.

Says a lot about Dogs Mocha, Justice Vitaliano Aguirre and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.

Minutes after the controversial caricature was published on its Facebook page, Rappler quickly deleted it and issued a public apology:

We apologize for any offense caused by an earlier unapproved post. It was in poor taste and we have taken it down. No malice was intended.

However, Rappler’s critics took it as an opportunity to go for the coup de grace and hurriedly created a caricature of their own using Rappler’s analogy in the controversial post depicting Leni Robredo as a snake.

Unless you are not aware, VP Robredo was born on April 23, 1965.  For the fun of it even you don’t subscribe to Chinese astrology, Robredo is a ‘Snake’.

And speaking of snakes, in Chinese astrology, Snake is one of the symbols for death and utter destruction.

The Chinese snake’s emotions seem to run so deep, others can easily get a sense that if they become entangle with a Snake, they could get lost forever.

Further, not only is this Chinese zodiac sign the deepest if thinkers, they are constantly thinking, calculating and plotting (which can be positive or negative).

Robredo’s critics appreciated the entertainment value of the snake caricature of the vice president and let us wait how things pan out from here on.

What say you?

Source: Showbiz Government

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