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Chinkee Tan is a popular Inspirational Guru, wealth coach, actor, writer and author of best-selling book “Till Debt Do Us Part”. He was part of Randy Santiago’s original ‘Hawi Boys’ in the company of Willie Revillame and Dennis Padilla.

As a frequent visitor of Davao City, he has heard a lot of good things about the Mayor and every single individual that he encountered in the streets of Davao said the same thing. And he never heard anything negative about the Mayor. To him, that says a lot about the leadership style of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Inspired by what learned in his visits to Davao City, the author came up with an astute observation of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. He says there is nothing really secret what makes him tick; it’s just that the Mayor mastered the 3 basic principles of effective leadership.


Mayor Rodrido Duterte understands that to be an effective leader, he should gain the respect of his people. How? The answer is simple. He needs to walk the talk. For example, riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet constitutes a traffic violation. In Davao, no one is exempted. Check the proofs below.

Walk the talk

Walk the talk 1


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte perfectly knows that to further cement the respect he earns from his people, he must implement the law, whether the violator is a local resident or a tourist. The Mayor said during a short talk with Mr. Tan is that the country has enough laws and ordinances, but the question is, are we implementing it? Check the proof below that Mayor Duterte means business.

Make things happen

Check the video below for another Mayor Duterte’s classic move.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte truly understands what public service is; to give the people a place where there will be peace, order, security, and business. So that everyone can work, be productive, and have an opportunity to build their dreams to quote Mr. Tan.

Check out the video below and see the sincerity in his eyes as he speaks about the problems of the country.

Check the video below how Mayor Duterte treats the criminals in his city.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s message to detractors.

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