Top 8 reasons why retired broadcaster Jay Sonza exclaimed, ‘Pilipinas. Ang sarap mong mahalin.’

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza really knows how to troll the critics of the Duterte administration.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral since he published the brief article, Sonza declared, ‘Pilipinas. Ang sarap mong mahalin.’

Sonza’s post came in the wake of the latest Pulse Asia survey result showing President Duterte getting an excellent rating from the public.

BTW, as of this writing, Sonza’s FB post has generated more than 21,000 reactions, around 14,000 likes and more than 4,500 shares.

Sonza cited 8 reasons why he said so.

First and foremost, the Filipino people just gave President Duterte a very high trust rating. We have a PH peso that is one of the strongest currency in Asia (behind China), almost S100B international reserves, highest covid-19 patient recovery rate, highest covid mass testings per population ratio in the world and many more.

Sonza said this is very amazing. He added that all these are possible if Filipinos work as one.

Sonza’s FB post has elicited positive reactions from netizens. One netizen remarked that the Duterte admin may not be perfect but compared to the previous admins, it is hands down better: ‘This govt may not be perfect. But better (if not best) compared to the previous ones. Salamat Lord for giving us a leader that’s full of dedication despite his age. 🙏👊

Another netizen preached about learning to appreciate a hard worker like PRRD and stop looking the perfect leader. ‘If only we stop looking for a perfect president bcoz we will never find one. Instead we focus on one who does more action than talk like PRRD.’

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB article below.


Ang sarap mong mahalin.

1. 91% President’s Trust Rating by the Filipino people. One of the most respected leaders of the world.

2. The country’s Peso is the strongest currency in the Asian region with China as its front runner.

3. Close to US$100 Billion in International Reserves. One of the highest in the world.

4. Highest Covid19 patient recovery rate of 87% to 96%.

5. Highest Covid19 mass testings per population ratio in the world.

6. Still one of the top economic and investment destination in the world.

7. Acknowledged as leader in the world’s environment protection, mitigation and recovery.

8. Acknowledged as world leader in the fight against illegal drugs and terrorism.


Kayang-kaya basta sama-sama.

Source: Jay Sonza

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