Tough luck! – Veteran movie director on calls from Dilawans to cancel Eng Bee Tin hopia after owners watched Maid in Malacanang

Over the weekend, some supporters of the Kakampinks called for the boycott of the very popular hopia shop in the Philippines, yes you guessed it right, ENG BEE TIN, after the owner Ube Chua flexed on social media their photo taken inside the cinema to watch Maid in Malacanang.

Veteran director and actor Manuel Castaneda took to Facebook casting doubt on Dilawan’s ability to duplicate what DDS did to Ligo sardines when they called for its boycott.

Castaneda added that the Dilawans have been reduced to being a ragtag of bitter losers and called then out to stop their illusion.

Here are the comments of netizens below.

One netizen simply shrugged off the call of the Dilawan to their fellow Dilawans to boycott Eng Bee Tin.

They can’t even afford to buy ticket for Katips. Lol! If they have that purchasing power, patunayan nila sa Katips.

This netizen decided to go ahead with the purchase of Eng Bee Tin hopias she added to her Shopee Cart in response to the Dilawans call for boycott.

And for that, I will check out my eng bee tin orders that has been on my #shopee cart for a while… aahahahahah

Meanwhile, some netizens doubt Dilawans call for boycott of Eng Bee Tin will work.

Eng Bee Tin is already an INSTITUTION that has done so much to the community.

Eng Bee Tin is a legendary Hopia… mahohopia lang kayong mga dilawan sa wala… hehe hehehe

Walang power ang cancel culture ng kakampink kitang kita sa MIM at wala din silang real power nilangaw ang katips maingay lang talaga ang lata kapag walang laman ganyan kapag minority karamihan mga trolls

You may now read Direk Manny Castaneda’s FB post below.

So, the dilawans want to cancel Eng Bee Tin just because the owners watched and enjoyed MiM? Tough luck! They can’t copy what the DDS did to Ligo. They don’t have the numbers. The dilawans have become a ragtag of bitter losers kaya itigil na nila ang kanilang ilusyon!

Below is the screenshot of the post of a Dilawan calling for the boycott of Eng Bee Tin.


Source: Manuel Castaneda

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