Toyota Vios driver confronted a motorist for hitting his rear bumper. When he knew it was caught on cam, his reaction is priceless

This dash cam video of a traffic accident is the best argument why every car owner should buy a dash cam because this comes in handy when accident happens.

The video below shared by a motorist in the Facebook page Dash Cam Diaries Philippines will make you want to buy a dash cam for your car which comes handy in traffic accidents like this.

In the video, traffic came to a stop and the Toyota Vios ahead of the owner of the video, for whatever reason, went on reverse, thus hitting his bumper at the car behind him.

The Toyota Vios driver alighted from his car and angrily confronted the motorist whom he thought rear ended his car.

The other motorist shot back and told the Toyota Vios driver, that it was he, who backed down, thus hitting the car behind him.

The video sharer told the Toyota Vios driver that everything was recorded on the dash cam.

Red-faced, the Toyota Vios driver quickly turned around and went back to his car.

Social media people had a fun time expressing their take on the accident. Some bashed the Toyota Vios driver for failing to check his temper without knowing the accident happened.

Anne G. Erepol commented: “Nka neutral sya and ndi nka hand break, kaya aatras tlga yan. Or bka nakatulog sya kasi nakaapak pa sya sa break.”

“Pabundok Naka neutral sya and naka apak za break hindi nga lang nKa hand break.. Sa tingin ko matik sasakyan nya kc naka diin na naka diin yung break nya umiilaw break light sa likod,” Don Jonathan Basco wrote.

“Yan ang mga kupal sa daan marami Yan! Ingat kayo dapat laging handa,” Sandee-alex Riego Delgado commented.

“Good thing mas dash cam na. No more alibi at palusot para sa mga gagong driver,” ClaireMari Mijares remarked.

“Bugok ang putik ahaha antok pa ata yan e o namali ng gear imbes na nuetral na reverse ahaha,” Raymond D’Truth Lerona said.


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