TP exposes ACT Teachers’ Party-List behind Bacoor National High School’s “TOILET FACULTY ROOM”?

TP aka Thinking Pinoy exposes the real score behind Bacoor National High School’s “TOILET FACULTY ROOM” as mere propaganda by ACT Teachers’ Party-List in latest FB post.

The story was, Bacoor’s Faculty President was given a choice to use the Science Lab as the teachers faculty room but BNHS faculty president Maricel Herrera chose the schools toilets as their faculty room.

But here TP got it wrong. You can’t blame TP. He was merely quoting Secretary Briones from the video shared by the Inquirer.

Briones says using old restroom as faculty office ‘dramatic, touching'

WATCH: While they could have used laboratory rooms as faculty offices, DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones said teachers used old restrooms because it is more “dramatic” and “touching.”

Posted by on Monday, June 3, 2019

The minutes of the meeting showed otherwise.

BNHS Principal Anita Rom offered the Library, the guidance center, and the advisory classrooms to serve as temporary faculty rooms.

“However, 11 of the school’s 236 teachers opted to convert a restroom into a faculty room. It must be emphasized that the use of restroom is the choice of the 11 teachers themselves who then complained about it in social media,” the minutes of the meeting revealed. [Source]

In other words, the teachers were not “forced”. Rather, they chose the toilets as their faculty room out of their own free will.

After the news exploded on national TV, it was learned that the BNHS Faculty President Maricel Herrera is Secretary-General of the Act Teachers Party-List in Region 4A-Calabarzon.

According to TP, Herrera pulled the stunt with ACT-TEACHERS PARTY-LIST Antonio L. Tinio and France Castro.

Meanwhile, BNHS Principal Anita Rom is mulling to file appropriate charges versus Herrera for unjustly damaging the image of the school.

This explains Sec. Briones choice of words like “touching” and “dramatic” to emphasize that the BNHS “TOILET FACULTY ROOM” scandal was staged by the BNHS Faculty President and ACT Teachers PARTY-LIST.

You may read TP’s full FB post below.


May balak mag-audition sa MMK yung faculty president ng Bacoor National High School?

Responding to a reporter’s inquiry about allegations that teachers in Bacoor National High School (BNHS) teachers had to hold office in school toilets, Department of Education – Philippines Sec. Leonor Magtolis Briones said:

“Delayed ang budget natin, malaki enrollment (kaya hindi pa napagawa yung mga schools)…The teachers had a choice to hold office in the laboratories, but of course it is more dramatic, more touching, to hold office in the toilets.”

Sec. Briones added:

“They had their choice. They could hold office in the laboratory rooms but of course, it is more dramatic, it’s more touching if you hold it in the toilets… So choice ‘yun ng mga teachers.”

Sec. Briones took a swipe at media men who sensationalized issue when she added:

“…And of course it is very attractive to well balanced reporters, like you.”

BNHS faculty president Maricel Herrera “exposed” the alleged situation last week.

Herrera, who’s also the Secretary-General of the Act Teachers Party-List in Region 4A-Calabarzon, did this with the help of ACT Teachers Party-list Representatives Antonio L. Tinio and France Castro.

BNHS Principal Anita Rom is planning to press charges against Herrera for unjustly damaging the image of the school

In defense of Herrera, Rep. Tinio said the BNHS case is “not isolated and not new”.

Rep. Castro, on the other hand said, “Teachers should not be blamed and threatened for exposing the true conditions and situations that they have to face in their work space.”

Pumutok yung balitang may mga teacher sa BNHS na ginawang faculty room ang CR pero pwede namang palang sa Science Laboratory mag-office.

In short, hindi napilitan ang mga teacher na mag-office doon at sa halip e choice talaga nilang mag-office sa CR imbes sa Science lab.

Tapos yung nagpaputok ng balita, miyembro pa pala ng isang party-list na bahagi ng political opposition. Ayan o, dinepensahan pa ng mga opposition congressman.

Ewan ko lang sa inyo ha, pero amoy propaganda lang talaga.

Kung hindi ito isolated case, bakit hindi sila nag-expose ng paaralan na TALAGANG ginagamit na faculty room ang CR at hindi itong BNHS na drama lang pala?

Ano ‘tong sa BNHS, audition para sa MMK (The Official)?

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