Trending post highlights Kiko Pangilinan’s selective brand of democracy: Enrile, Estrada’s no good, silent on Janet Garin’s candidacy

On candidacies of accused plunderers like Enrile, Estrada and Revilla, Kiko Pangilinan said this shows disrespect of our democracy.

A day after Pangilinan made the comment on the candidacies of Enrile et al, Janet Garin, accused of plunder re Dengvaxia, filed her candidacy for a congressional seat in the first district of Iloilo.

As soon as RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy noted this, he wasted no time in calling out Sharon Cuneta’s husband on Facebook, reminding the senator of his words on the candidacies of accused plunderers (Enrile, Revilla, Estrada).

On Facebook, Thinking Pinoy challenged Pangilinan to practice what he preach.

In other words, Thinking Pinoy asked Pangilinan to tell Janet Garin to back out and respect his stance on candidacy of accused plunderers as LP’s president.


On October 17th, Liberal Party (LP) President Kiko Pangilinan said candidacies of ACCUSED PLUNDERERS show “the level of disrespect and cynicism in our democracy and electoral system” [].

Kiko, hold on to that thought. 😎

Let me remind you that Noynoy Aquino’s Health Secretary Dr. Janette Loreto-Garin (LP) is also an ACCUSED PLUNDERER after she, along with several top Aquino-era officials, was charged in May 2018 with plunder because of the anomalous Dengvaxia mass immunization program that endangered the lives of around a million Filipino schoolchildren [].

Over 90 Dengvaxia vaccinees have died and have been autopsied by the Public Attorney’s Office thus far. The total number of casualties is estimated to be much higher.

Now, here’s the fun part:

A day after your statement, your party mate Janette filed her certificate of candidacy [] for Representative of the 1st District of Ilo-ilo. 😲

QUESTION FOR KIKO: Being the president of your political party [], will you tell Janette to back out? 😂

Your reaction?

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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