Trending spooky CCTV video showing hospital stretcher moving on its own, a hoax?

Did you get spooked with the trending video showing a hospital stretcher moving on its own in Rosario and scaring the hell out the security guard?

The CCTV video of a ‘self-moving hospital stretcher’ did scare the hell out of many netizens on social media, so much so that the video gathered 692,830 views, 9,865 shares and 4,500 plus reactions on Facebook in a matter of 3 days or so.

The spooky video has been uploaded in several Philippine-based Facebook pages but the page “Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted” got more views that its peers.

The page wrote a short caption describing the video that says: “Viral Video: The stretchers are moving alone in the provincial hospital of Rosario”.

Many Filipinos who watched the video thought the CCTV footage was taken either in Rosario Batangas or Rosario Pangasinan.

Turned out, the caption was misleading and many were fooled by the video.

One netizen identified as John Knox commented to end the raging debate of its origin and authenticity.

Spooky footage appears to show a hospital stretcher trolley move by itself. The footage was captured in Rosario, Argentina.

Paranormal Activity? Eerie footage shows a hospital trolley moving of its own accord… but two doctors are later reprimanded for setting the stunt up.

A stretcher was filmed moving around of its own accord by security cameras.

The spooky scene was caught at a provincial hospital in Rosario, Argentina.

A creepy video that would not look out of place in Paranormal Activity shows a hospital trolley seemingly moving around of its own accord.

The eerie clip was filmed in a courtyard of the provincial hospital of the city of Rosario, in the north-eastern Argentinian province of Santa Fe.

It shows an unattended stretcher on wheels suddenly start to drift forwards.

How did the bored hospital workers pulled the stunt?

Here’s the theory of the reporter from UK-based website: “It’s believed they used translucent string, perhaps fishing line, to move the trolley and create the paranormal scene.” The Sun

The identity of the hospital workers who pulled the stunt and their punishment were not revealed to the media.

So there you go!

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