Trillanes says PRRD lacks discipline…But, he topped the list for the most absences in 15th Congress? What do you make of this?

After President Duterte skipped the 119th Independence Day rites in Luneta yesterday, Trillanes came out on TV scolding Duterte for not attending the event.

In an interview with reporters, an angry Trillanes said: “Eh dito mo makikita na wala siyang pakialam ano, wala syang halagang binibigay sa kasaysayan ng ating bansa. Ano ba naman ‘yung bumangon ka nang maaga? Kita mo, walang kadisi-disiplina ‘to sa katawan itong mama na ‘to, kaya I’m very, very frustrated and disappointed na siya ‘yung presidente natin.”

However, if Trillanes bothered to watch the news before opening his mouth, he would have discovered that the 72-year old President Duterte apparently got tired doing his job as a Commander-in-chief, welcoming the returning heroes of the Marawi siege at the Villamor Air Base and stayed up late consoling the bereaved families of the soldiers.

Let us back read what Trillanes told reporters. He said Duterte lacks discipline and implicitly calls the President lazy, correct?

If a 72-year-old President can be accused of being lazy and lacking discipline while attending to the Marawi conflict for the past few weeks and running the affairs of the country, how do you call a 40-ish senator who earned the distinction of topping the 15th Congress as the senator with the most absences? Very disciplined? Hardworking? Lol. Link of the PDF showing the attendance record of senators in the 15th Congress.

Let us take the cue from Trillanes and focus on the word “discipline”. Merriam-Webster defined it as “orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior.” In light of what we know of Trillanes performance in the 15th and 16th Congress, do you agree that Trillanes lacks discipline too based on Merriam-Webster’s definition?

Ok, let’s just say Trillanes was detained during the 15th Congress so we can excuse him for that.

But this? In the 16th, Congress, Trillanes, once again came in second as the senator with the highest number of instances for tardiness. [Philstar]

Your thoughts, please!

Sources: GMA News, Philstar


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