Trillanes to teach at UP? Fearless Manila Bulletin writer calls the move “kakahiya”, sends special request to UP in open letter!

The news report from different local media outlets that ex-Senator Trillanes will soon teach at UP and Ateneo has been getting mixed reactions on social media.

Expect the ex-senator’s supporters to receive the news with open arms and cheers.

But the same cannot be said of Trillanes’ harshest critics and haters.

None more dramatic than the reaction of fearless Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu who did not waste a minute to register the strongest and angriest reaction to the news Trillanes is going to teach at UP.

In a Facebook post, Chu questioned UP’s decision to hire someone like Trillanes who is a destabilizer and a dumb one at that to teach Public Policy in UP.

Chu wanted to get a response from UP if indeed they are hiring Antonio Trillanes IV to teach as per news report.

Chu went on to enumerate Trillanes’ dumb statements while the ex-senator was interviewed by Stephen Sackur of BBC.

Chu remarked that Trillanes teaching at UP is an embarrassment.

Chu ended the post by telling UP to exclude her taxes because she does want to spend s single centavo to pay for the salary of a destabilizer like Trillanes.

You may read Krizette Chu’s rant on Facebook versus Trillanes below.

Excuse me UP. You’re run by government money, paid for by taxes of people. Why are you going to hire a destabilizer na bobo (destabilizer na bobo pa) to teach Public Policy in UP?

Are you wasting taxpayer’s money by hiring Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV?

Ganyan ang hire nyo? Itong hilatsa ng mukha.

– Are you Democratic or Republican? I’m Nacionalista.

– Duterte will have a less than 50 percent approval rating by end of 2018 (this is your professor on public policy? Public policy who doesn’t even understand policies nor the public?)

– “KAPA Members should file impeachment against Duterte.” HE ENCOURAGED members of a pyramiding scheme that would even send people to jail in other countries to impeach a President who is only protecting the

— Many of his superiors knew that abusado sya because of the position of his dad when he was in school. Ambobo bobo kukunin nyang professor.

KAKAHIYA, University of the Philippines. You’re wasting taxpayers’ money.

Kung kukunin nyo yan, iawas nyo yung tax ko dyan dahil hindi ako papayag to spend another cent na palamunin yung destabilizer na yan being his stupid, cunty self.

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