Troll heckled at the wife of a controversial presidential aspirant for mistaking Tacloban as a province

A post by the wife of a Presidential aspirant is turning some heads lately after she mistook Tacloban as a province.

Troll heckled Korina Sanchez

In a Facebook post at the Freedom Wall group, the netizen heckled at Korina Sanchez Roxas for the terrible blunder.

The netizen then took a screen grab of Korina Sanchez Roxas’s post and took it somewhere and posted it with an accompanying caption:

Pagnagkataon…..magkakaroon ng TANGANG First Lady ang Pinas……Tacloban…a province???? (If by chance….we will have a stupid First Lady in the Philippines….Tacloban…a province????

Upon verification, it turned out Korina Sanchez Roxas indeed posted the photos and wrote the eyebrow raising caption. Please read below:

Wow Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are UNSTOPPABLE! Heto sila campaigning for Mar Roxas for President in Daniel’s home province in Tacloban!

This is not the first time that the popular broadcaster has been subjected to online heckling or bashing by the critics of her husband. Perhaps, being the wife of a politician associated with the administration, this comes with the territory.

Anyway, let us give Korina Sanchez Roxas the benefit of the doubt. The stress of the tiring election campaign must be taking its toll on her and it is not surprising if people commit mistakes when the mind and body is tired.

Anyway, her Facebook followers failed to notice the faux pas since no one seemed to call her attention on the error.

Perhaps, they just let it pass to avoid embarrassing the popular broadcaster except of course the critics of Mar Roxas, who quickly took advantage of the situation and started making a fuss out of it.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, Tacloban is the capital city of the province of Leyte which is the hometown of Karla Estrada the mother of the teen idol, Daniel Padilla.

dumb caption of Korina Sanchez trolled by netizens

Wow Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are UNSTOPPABLE! Heto sila campaigning for Mar Roxas for President in Daniel's…

Posted by Korina Sanchez – Roxas on Monday, February 29, 2016

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