Trolls flood Mayor Osmena’s FB account with threats and insults after “Jaguar’s” death

After the news Jaguar’s demise trended on Facebook, Mayor Osmena noticed a good number of trolls sending insults & threatening messages.

While ordinary mortals cower in fear, Mayor Osmena gamely engages his Facebook trolls in a verbal war.

In one of his Facebook post after police operatives confirmed they have neutralized Cebu’s top drug personality, Mayor Osmena posted the photo of a tiger killing a jaguar.

He wrote a caption to celebrate one of the latest exploits of the Cebu police and quote:

A photo representation of last night’s events 😀
One of these animals is a tiger. The other one is a ______?

Before the trolls started flooding his post with comments, he jumped the gun and commented on his photo that reads:

There are a good number of trolls here (mostly with plain black profile pictures) who are sending me insults and threats. They are very angry. Do you know what that means? That mean what I’ve done has made a real impact.

Think you can scare me into stopping? Expect more to come.

Check out one of the netizens with black profile who issued insulting comments against Mayor Osmena.

Mry Stphn Mnj wrote:

Mamatay paka amawa ka! Gamayg utok traydor tungod rabang uncle maong na daog ka boanga ka! (English Translation: Die you fool! Small brain traitor. If not for Uncle, you wouldn’t have won, you crazy fool!)

Mayor Osmena gamely replied and wrote using the hashtag #pangandoypamore 😀 accompanied by a smiley emoji. Note: Pangandoypamore means dream on.

Another sympathizer of “Jaguar” aka Sam Smith mayor commented and wrote:

ang angay patyon kanang mga tawng korakot dli ang mutabang .. cgeg pasikat bsag d sikat hahahyst what a big DISAPPOINMENT(English translation: Those deserving to die are the corrupt people, not those who help…Keeps on grandstanding (literal translation: acting famous) even if he is not famous. Hahahyst what a disappointment.

Again, Mayor Osmena trounced the troll with his witty reply and wrote:

Why should I take anyone who calls Jaguar his king seriously?

Meanwhile, words of encouragement and praises continue to pour in on Mayor Osmena’s FB account.

Let us check out a sample of the comments of netizens supportive of the efforts of Mayor Osmena.

Buenavenz C Ang wrote:

Mayor Tommy Osmeña we salute you but from now on dapat you have to wear na bullet proof from head to foot kay maski unsa kaisog si Tiger maayo pod mu paak ang Kobra patalikod…. Just be careful nalang Mayor and ingat palagi diha paliboti jud og mga police ang City Hall Mayor para intawn safe podka kay basin daghan madamay civilian intawn. Rough translation ( Tommy Osmena we salute you but from now on, you have to start wearing a bullet proof from head to foot coz no matter how brave the tiger is, a cobra strikes well from the back. Just be careful Mayor. Please have your policemen surround the City Hall for your safety and the civilians who might get killed in the crossfire.

Note: Netizens are now calling Mayor Tommy Osmena as the “tiger!”

You may watch the video below regarding the news of the police encounter in Las Pinas today.

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Source: Mayor Tommy Osmena


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