Trolls jeered, spewed vitriol, insults on Sen. Pacquiao for expressing his support in case Duterte declares Martial Law

In case you’ve missed the interview, Senator Manny Pacquiao expressed his support when asked of his opinion in case Duterte declares Martial Law.

Pacquaio said he would support Duterte in case Martial Law is declared even if it means the senate and congress are abolished if it were for the common good.

Ang ibig kung sabihin is ah, syempre kung magdeclare sya ng martial law at mawawala yung Senate at Congress, para naman sa kapakanan, sa kabutihan ng sambayanang pilipino, why not? (What I mean is, of course if Martial law is declared and the Senate and Congress are abolished for the welfare, for the good of the Filipino people, why not?)

Di ba kasi, ang pangulo naman ay hindi naghahangad sa sarili. Kilala ko yan. Ang hangad nyan eh, para sa kabutihan, kaayusan, Ayaw nga nya yung may naagrabyado, naapi. Ayaw nya yun. (You know, the president has no hidden personal hidden agenda. I know him. He wants nothing else but for the common good, peace and order. He abhors people get the short end of the stick, injustices. He hates that.)

The video was published by Rappler on Monday, January 16, 2017 on its Facebook Page and has garnered 221,000 views, 1,000 comments, 6769 reactions and 1059 shares as of this writing.

The highly partisan crowd mocked, threw insults and vitriol against the athlete politician.

“Ogok. Unborn during martial law era, completely got no idea what it is,” Elpidio Montebon Jr. cursed.

“Eh ano nga ba naman ang alam mo? Fellow Filipinos, look and see who you put into power? A chronic absentee as a Congressman, an unthinking/uncritical/boxing Senator. God forbid, he becomes elected as President, we will be doomed. Do what you do best Pacquiao- box, but leave the governance and legislation to the capable,” Yrrah De Jesus asked Pacquiao.

“What can you expect from someone who doesn’t know the law that much?” Charlon PeƱaverde asked.

“Go with the flow, yan ang ginagawa mo pacman nakikisabay ka lang sa agos hindi ka nmn nagiisip! Kahit nga nung senate hearing halatang Scripted ka para lang mapansin at hindi sabihin na nasa committee on silence ka. Hayz!” Garry Gamboa said in a disgusted tone.

“Hey, Manny, define Martial Law. No kodigos or tagabulongs, plz. This man is famous for being a “sawsawero” on things he knows nothing about. Another of Digong’s pea-brained alipores. Hay, kaumay!” Portia Apostol-Castillejo wrote.

“I think, the Champ has suffered so much head beating during the course of his fights . It’s the effect of concussions which impaired his thinking. Education played a vital role especially in his position. It’s not enough to be Generous and famous. It takes more than boxing, to be a Senator. No disrespect. Be discreet to what you say,” Manny Gullaba wrote.

“Ano ba naman ang alam ni Pacquiao? Mahirap ang bomoto ng senador na kulang sa aral. Hindi nya maarok ang tama sa mali.Hindi nya matukoy kung legal ba o hindi ang pinapanigan. Anyway, Ignorance of the law excuses no one,” Allan James Solis took a swipe at Pacquiao’s educational attainment.

Video below.

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