TV host and lawyer Bruce Rivera chides Sen. Kiko Pangilinan for ‘it is not important who is behind Bikoy’ statement

TV host and lawyer Bruce Rivera castigated Senator Kiko Pangilinan for issuing statement telling the public to forget who is behind ‘Bikoy’.

Rivera found it funny that Pangilinan and company made a big deal out of ‘Bikoy’ when the videos exposé were released.

But now that the uploader of the ‘Bikoy’s’ videos was arrested, Pangilinan is singing a different tune.

Pangilinan wants now how shabu or crystal meth entered the Customs undetected, our relations with China and many other issues.

Rivera said that ‘Bikoy’ is not just one person but there are many among them from their ranks.

Rivera added that the opposition are creating these stunts to make the public hate Duterte. For example, simultaneous cancellations of flights, water crisis to punish Duterte’s senate best in the May election.

Rivera remarked that this midterm election is not a referendum of PRRD but of Filipino nationalism.

Rivera said Filipinos will head to the polls with this question in their minds, “Do we vote for leaders who are pro-Filipino or pro-party interest?”

Rivera ended the FB post lamenting that only the DDS bloggers are affected by fake news while the real trolls (alluding to LP trolls) are very much alive on Facebook.

You may read Atty. Rivera’s full FB post now.


Yung sinabi ni Rodel Jayme (gumawa ng website kung saan lumabas ang Bikoy videos) that a certain Maru Xie ang kausap niya. Nakakatawa kasi itong is Maru Xie ay isa sa mga trolls na na-block ko nung 2016 kasi nambabash sa akin. Isa siya sa mga trolls na kumakampanya para sa Liberal Party nung 2016 Presidential elections.

The funny thing that Kiko said was that it is not important who is behind Bikoy. Ang importante daw ay bakit nakakalusot sa customs ang mga shabu, relasyon natin sa China, at madami pang isyu.

Di ba ginawa niyong big deal ang Bikoy? Tapos ngayon, di na dapat pansinin. Pero, sinabi mo pa din about nakakalusot na droga at madami pang iba.

Siyempre, hindi isang tao si Bikoy. Madami kayo. Sabay sabay ninyong binibwiset ang mga Pilipino para magalit kay Duterte. Yung mga delayed flights ng Cebu Pacific, pagkawala ng tubig sa south Metro Manila are all designed to affect how people will vote.

Pero mali kayo. This election is not a referendum of Duterte. It is a referendum of Filipino nationalism. Do we vote for leaders who are pro-Filipino or pro-party interest? Nakakaloka lang na kaming mga pro-Duterte bloggers ang nadadamay sa fake news pero ang totoong mga trolls ay buhay na buhay sa Facebook.

Bruce V. Rivera

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