TV Network is at it again; blames looming Duterte presidency as reason for stock market drop

After the backlash due to the “wrong caption”, the giant TV network is again putting the blame on Duterte for the stock market fall in its latest article.

ABS-CBN again

In a Facebook post published recently, netizen Jay Soliman gave ABS-CBN News a tongue lashing for yet another controversial article interpreted by Duterte supporters as a biased and out to discredit Duterte to voters.

In the post, Jay Soliman lamented why so much hate when Mayor Duterte’s platform of governance is pro-people and pro-business.

Why blame the outflow of funds to Duterte whose platform is to rid our government of corruption, curb criminality, and make it easier for investors to do business in the country? Add to that, Duterte’s proven good track record, sincerity and honesty. Wow, if all our financial analysts are like that, I would seriously be bothered.

The Duterte supporters agree with the sentiment of Mr. Soliman and castigated the giant TV Network for their biased against Duterte.

Wenslou Lacson Basta wrote:

ABiaS-CBN, wala tayong makikitang magandang balita para kay Mayor Duterte! Alam na this!! hahaha (ABIAS-CBN, we cant expect any good news for mayor Duterte. We knew it! Hahaha)

Anna Sinn wrote:

Hay nako ABS-CBN bias talaga. Cge hanap pa ng mga analyst na si Duterte i-blame para matulungan niyo ang kandidato ninyong si Mar. ( OMG! ABS-CBN is bias indeed. Fine, look for another analyst that will put the blame on Duterte to help your candidate, which is Mar.)

Rodolfo Fajardo wrote:

Kasabwat ang mga yan baka may mga illegal transaction sa PH (They are in connivance perhaps they have done something illegal.)

Glen C. de Jesus wrote:

Only reason is PSE is already pricey, correction lang yan. better for local investors to accumulate Only reason PSE is pricey already, this is a mere correction. It’s better for local investors to accumulate.)

Alexander Balanoba wrote;

Why blame Durerte when in fact he is only a candidate for president … Blame noynoy for his incompetence as public servant …

There are still plenty of adverse comments against the TV network to go around but I think this is enough for now.

If you wish to read the ABS-CBN article, you may click the link here.

Do you agree that the article posted by ABS-CBN news is unfair to Duterte?


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