Uh-oh: Ateneo teacher draws flak following her rude remarks against Mocha Uson circulated online


A female Ateneo instructor is in hot water after her “matapobre” remarks on Twitter against popular blogger Mocha Uson has made the rounds online.

The female Ateneo teacher identified as Nathania Chua earned the ire of netizens when she started dissing at Mocha Uson with tweets like, “ito na naman tayo eh. Sarap manapak ng puta” and “kasing ganda ng p$p# ni Mocha” etc..

In the age of social media, information spreads faster than a wildfire.

Sass Rogando Sasot, a popular blogger and a Duterte supporter, picked up the cudgels on behalf of Mocha Uson by indirectly asking for the neck of the Ateneo teacher via an open letter addressed to the parents.

Ms. Sasot began the open letter by posing a question to her readers: “DOES NATHANIA CHUA DESERVE YOUR HARD-EARNED SALARY?”

The blogger addressed the open letter to parents of Ateneo students, urging them to take a second look if they are getting their money’s worth with teachers like Nathania Chua being entrusted in shaping the education of their children.

She asked the public if Ms. Chua has violated a law.

Is Ms Chua acting within the bounds of Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers? Or is she violating the law?

Ms. Sasot shared a passage lifted from the Code of Ethics of professional teachers to help the public in drawing their own conclusion.

According to Section 2, Article XI of Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers:

“A teacher shall place premium upon self-discipline as the primary principles of personal behavior in all relationships with others in ALL situations.”

Ms. Sasot ended the open letter by reiterating her appeal to the parents to rethink if Ms.  Chua is deserving of her salary in Ateneo; she also asked the parents  to boycott schools who have teachers like Nathania Chua.

Does Nathania Chua deserve your hard-earned salary? Will you entrust your children to her? There are much better options. #Boycott schools that hire matapobre brat teachers like Nathania Chua.

The female Ateneo teacher is known by her Twitter handle “PilosopoTanya” who has more than 6,000 followers under her name.

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Credits to Sass Rogando Sasot


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