Uh-oh! It appears the PDI reporter who wrote the fake news article versus Manny Piñol isn’t safe from possible suit. Read why!

Despite sending an SMS to Manny Piñol, asking for apology and admitting his mistake, the PDI reporter isn’t safe from facing a possible suit from the DA Secretary.

Piñol did not make a categorical statement whether the DA Secretary is pursuing the case versus the PDI reporter or not based on his latest FB post.

The comments of netizens aren’t encouraging for the PDI reporter either.

Check out the comments below of netizens urging Manny Pinol to teach the PDI reporter a lesson and his colleagues as well.

Francisco Pascual Tranquilino A public apology is warranted in this case, not a mere text message. I doubt if the omission of the word was really unintentional.
I still think he should be sued.

Marvin Robinson Sir, You can forgive “him”, that’s alright… but please continue filing a case, so it will be a great lesson to others. They don’t deserve your kindness.

Belle Quilantang No forgiveness. Sue him sir and make this a landmark case.

カビアラ ハンナ file a libel case para may sample ang lahat that although we have the freedom of expression we should still be mindful of our words and thoughts.

Jemar Del Rosario Cedeño I hope you will still go through with the case sir to set an example..👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Christian Cagadas By all means, sue sir. This way, it will inculcate on their minds the proper way to publish a report.

Boboy Jay This is such a common thing now among these so called “journalists” and as you rightly said once written, the wound stays. This is what we as admin supporters had to keep battling daily and to think that we are the ones being accused of spreading fake news. I would have loved to see this person brought to court and learn his lesson the hard way.

You may start reading Manny Pinol’s full FB post now.

Now Reporter Admits Mistake,
Apologizes for Erroneous Story

At past midnight, I received a text message from Inquirer reporter Orlando Dinoy admitting his erroneous story and apologizing.

This is the dilemma – even with the apology and the correction can the damage and hurt inflicted by careless reporting be healed?

This is the reason why the journalism of old where I belonged really emphasized diligence by double-checking accounts before publishing a story.

Kapag nasulat na kasi, hindi mo na mabawi at ang sugat ay di na hihilom.

Hay, Diyos ko pong mahabagin!


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