Uh-oh! Radio host says ABS-CBN lot of explaining to do after BIR report of its employees do not add up to their claim of 11K employees

Uh-oh! ABS-CBN has a lot of explaining to do to the BIR and the public because they claimed to have 11,000 employees but their report to the BIR was different.

Radio host Mark Lopez revealed in his Facebook post that ABS-CBN reported to BIR they only have this numbers. “According to a BIR Report, ABS CBN has only 4,402 employees.”

Lopez said that aside from the wrong information the Kapamilya Network spread about employing 11,000 people, they have a much bigger problem. “Now, bukod sa maling info na pinapakalat ng Kapamilya network na meron siyang 11,000 employees, may mas malaking problema.”

Lopez commented that based on the BIR report, this could only mean that 4,402 were declared, perhaps these are the number of people who paid the taxes correctly. “BIR kasi galing yung report. Meaning, ung 4,402 lang ang naka declare and perhaps, sila ung tama ang binabayad.”

In light of this, Lopez wanted to know if ABS-CBN has 11,000 employees, what is the status of the tax payment of the remaining 6,598 employees? “Tanong – kung 11,000 ang totoong empleyado ni ABS CBN, so ano status ng tax payment nung balanse na 6,598 na empleyado?”

Lopez could only two possibilities in light of the information that has come to light. “Either kinakaltasan sila pero hindi dinedeclare ni ABS CBN sa BIR… Or hindi sila nagbabayad ng tax.”

Either way, Lopez exclaimed, “Naloko na…”

“In the service of the Filipino¬†😂😂😂” he said in a sarcastic tone.

Let us check out the comments of netizens to compare if they share Mark Lopez’s theory.

One netizen said that some of these are seasonal workers which ABS-CBN considered regular workers to magnify their numbers and paint a gloom and doom scenario for these workers if the network fails to secure a franchise extension. “Some of them are seasonal employees which considered to them as regular workers to magnify their numbers to make it appears that tremendous displacement will happened if closure materialises.
From this imaginary predicament , they solicit sympathy to the public.
Making the image of the incumbent government oppressive and suppressive of liberalism of expression.”

Another netizen offered his own explanation why ABS-CBN’s claim of 1100 employees is different from the number they reported to the BIR, “Sir may talent production kasi like line men props men for 1 month kaya d na sasama sa list na empleyado but still kinakaltasan pa rin sila sa tax. Like me nag work ako sa ganyan. 500 per day may kaltas na tax ahahhaha kaya 4 plus na lang na pupunta sakin pero dapat declared pa rin sana nila sa BIR yon ahahahha”

This netizen has his own theory, “The probably included in the 11k the talents who are not in the roster of regular employees.”

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Source: Mark Lopez

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